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How would you advertise the bible?

How would you advertise the bible (Commercial in TV) .. hehehe

bring out the creativity in you :D ..


  • emphasize the sex and violence in the product.
  • Hmmm...

    Scenes from creation and history unfolding in the background. Battles being fought, spies sneaking into an enemy camp, Moses parting the Red Sea, a king getting his eyes put out after seeing all his dead children in front of him, illicit lovers David and Bathsheba kissing, an @$$ (okay, a donkey. Whichever works for TV) talking back to Balam, Jesus getting nailed to the cross, and finally His Resurrection.

    Voiceover goes:

    "Action. Adventure. Suspense. Drama. Comedy. Tragedy. Sex. It's all here. Get your copy at your local bookstores today!"

    Then a final shot of the Bible.
  • How would you advertise the bible (Commercial in TV) .. hehehe

    bring out the creativity in you :D ..

    Marilyn Manson? :lol:
  • how about making a movies from each book? parang tipong harry potter, LOTR and chronicles of narnia? and being directed by peter jackson. this will really make the sales of the bible go up :D
  • decoy47decoy47 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    There's this guy, very pale, with his hands shaking, stumbling in some dark, dirty street alley. He approaches a man, standing in a dark corner of the alley, his face covered by the shadows, just enough so he couldn't be recognized.

    The pale guy says: "I need a quick fix real badly, the usual."

    The shady guy repies, "The usual just ran out."

    The pale guys gets desperate, "What the f---! You promised me a package."

    The shady guy replies, "I don't have the usual, but I have something else. Something else much more pure, much more stronger."

    The shady guy hands him a Bible. The pale guy hugs the Bible and says, "Ohhhh yeaaah..."

    I bet the guys at MTRCB won't even get the underlying meaning. :lol:
  • manufacture and merchandise action figures of every character and animal in it. noah's ark alone could keep a kid busy for years... a john the baptist with detaching head... and so on.
  • ShinobiShinobi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Buy a King James Version Bible and get free King James Shoes, autographed by King James himself :glee:

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