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SpeedTales, Racing, and Car Mods!

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Have you lost to a Tamaraw FX just to find out that it's a grandma with a heavy foot?
Have you evaded an MMTA or a cop in a high-speed chase of above 130 MPH? Have you lost to a stock Sarao Jeep with your BMW M5?

Well, share your local 'racing' experiences!


  • StuDmuFFin
    StuDmuFFin www.r-toyz.com
    hahaha no 'local' exp. in the phil. yet but over @ canada.

    raced a mustang v-8 with my integra type r..we hit 220km/h (140+mph) on the highway...it was some scary $#!^ !!!

    when i got the R turbo'd..raced an nsx..hit 200+ on a bz 'almost rush hr' traffic..he couldn't pass me!! :D
  • Lost to a sleeper '79 toyota Corolla.
    I'm using a 92 EF Civic Hatch with B16 engine swap. Naka 18R pala na engine yung Corolla!!
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    I wanna hear more SpeedTales! :D
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