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Med Students, anong pakiramdam pagnagdidissect ng cadaver?

Hehe. Curious lang.. .. Ano amoy ng cadaver?
Matigas ba o Malambot?
Dinadasalan ba sila bago i-dissect?
San galing yung mga cadavers na yun?
Ano gagawin sa kanila pagkatapos i-dissect, itatapon ba or iprepreserve?
Hehe.. =)


  • Well to start, the smell ain't pleasant at all. Hindi naman mashado nakakasuka yun nga lang matapang yung amoy ng formalin. Masakit sa ilong at mata. Usually by the time we get the cadavers, matagal na silang naghihintay na i-claim sila. So mejo makunat na. Of course before we start to dissect, may blessing rituals pa. They say the cadavers are some unclaimed bodies from accidents siguro or mga preso na wala ng families na gusto mag-claim. Most of the cadavers are male and some have some prison tattoos or stab wounds or whatever you may find. I'm not so sure though what they do with it after. The organs I think they preserve for demonstration, the rest shempre goes through proper disposal.
  • irst, we pray over the body & soul of that person we are about to study. even if he's dead, he deserves respect.

    the smell of formalin is totally irritating when u r inside the ana lab (kahit sa hallway pa lang amoy na amoy na!) but as time goes on, nagiging immune na kami. we also pray that upon dissection, makaka-identify pa kami ng blood vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons, etc. coz the longer it is exposed/dissected the drier the structures become.

    how i wished i was dissecting the body of my ex. hahaha! :laugh: brutal..
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