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Should religions with real estate property be Taxed?

It may go a long way in easing the current budget crunch. Your thoughts?


  • is there any religion without real estate property?
  • Yeah nagbabayad nga ba ang mga religious property ng Tax?.. every Sunday naghi-hingi sila ng donations sa kalagitnaan ng misa..

  • There's been many bills proposed...but they invariably fail.
  • It may go a long way in easing the current budget crunch. Your thoughts?

    I think the question needs to be refined. First, religions can not own property because religion is a belief system. By extension, to tax religion is to tax our mind because belief systems dwell primarily in the mind. It is religious institutions such as Churches, their congregation and the schools they operate which own property.

    With this clarification, I say yes. They should be taxed not only on the property they own but also on any income they earn.
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    I think the question should be, Should religious groups with real estate property be taxed?

    For me YES! Nobody is above the law. Everybody should pay taxes - even religious groups. Being in the religious sector doesn't guarantee tax excemption.
  • basically, taxation is not applied to any religious sector because the income or rather donation they receive and property owned are used for the development of their constituents and for charity and other so-called "developmental purposes"... as what the law say's so...

    but the thing is, these purpose i believe is too vague, that sometime i tend to ask how come these priest/ pastors/ministro own this type of car, this expensive cellphone, this imported dogs and even this kind of house for his children and mistresses… how come they can afford these material things and preaching godliness while beggars and streetchildren alike flock beside their temples, starve and being deprive.

    so they should be taxed... not limiting only to their property but alos the amount of their monthly donation.

    also, it will help the country's fiscal problem.... a
  • religious groups should be taxed not only with their real state properties but also with their income. its time to tax religious groups.

    alam natin lahat na maraming kinamkam na lupain ang roman catholic church, sa tingin ko dapat nilang ibalik yun lahat sa taumbayan.
  • another the question (saan thread ba yun): should the church be taxed?

    for me, maybe no or maybe yes in some cases... they should make more studies about it, Ron HUbbard of scientology, started organization as religion for tax exemption.

    For an established religion its an institution, maybe as of now, the answer is NO, they should not be taxed... unless, these institutions will be replaced by better organization, only time will change.

    not many people know that only 5 percent of the total donations goes to charity. the rest is being used in administrations, maintenance, and branching out for more ministries.

    for religion schools, there is no such a christian/private school that is for charity only, the real charity for education is public schools.

    Philippines government can't subsidize some of the expenses in private school, kaya sobrang mahal ang private school sa atin, naging commercial tuloy. Private schools in first world country is affordable, becuase it is being subsidized. in rich nations, a portion of the expenses are being paid by the government and tax exempted. to some parents just like me, its just served it right, hehehe, its just one of tax benefits, dahil sila nga itong matataas ang bayad sa tax.

    just like health insurance, it's also subsidized by the government,otherwise it would be heavy for government's budget kung lahat ng may sakit eh punta sa public hospitals.. lol., which at the end will be paid by the tax payers.

    i think, in the near future, marami na rin na private schools ang magtatayo na di related sa religion. Apparenty, prestige and refutation of such a school is back up by a long history.

    so either believers or non believers, private schools is the best choice, not becuase of the religious teaching, but the facilities offered and social status of the family of the students, so kung may pera ka, di mo dadalhin sa pipitsugin school, diba?

    napansin ba ninyo, sa pinas yung mga pure chinese sa atin, na di naman christians ay sa christian school nagaaral... yung mga galing sa china eh mga communista anga mga iyan huh..
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