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Anyone been to Ibiza Spain??

Kwento naman...i'm just dying to soak my feet there........


  • ibiza is really great :p
    went there around 4 yrs ago, had a lot of fun. But, i think it's over hyped.
  • runerune PExer
    really? well i guess i have to see it for myself...thanks though...
  • I haven't been there but I'd really love to go. From what I've seen in the Lifestyle network, I'd like to experience it for myself. :)
  • runerune PExer

    what did you see in lifestyle network?
    is it true that its always like a mardi gras there???
  • rune: not that it's a mardi gras every night, its like any other club in europe or new york. Of course, they hype up the big parties but i highly doubt its a mardi gras every night. i personally like german and brit and new york clubs more than ibiza. Don't put your hopes too high.
  • guys. you should watch chechelazaro presents at channel 7 every 1st, 3rd and 4th sunday at 1130 pm. its as good as the lonely planet and better than the other local travel shows. its worth the 'puyat.
  • runerune PExer
    tr|n|ty: thanks for the advice...anyway i want to try out the foam party...is there actually a club here that does that? i don't recall any...well something to look forward to.
  • rune sa mars before...mga tamang 1-2 years ago merong mga foam party. every 1st (or second) friday (or saturday) ata of the month or something like that. pero lately parang wala na akong nadidinig.
    bago ako mamatay gusto ko pumunta sa ibiza.
  • tama si xiaoyu, may foam parties before sa mars.
  • that long na ha....anyway walabang gusto mag organize the foam party ngayon???

    Xiaoyu sabay tayo punta Ibiza.....
  • You will fall in love with Ibiza. Most of the enjoyable activities include the various beaches, exploring the quaint city, people watching, shopping, biking, etc. But if what you're after is partying after dark, here are some tips in Ciudad Ibiza (the capital city): Disco Privilege - it's so large that it can accomodate 5,000 people. It also contains several bars, even semisecluded patios for those who wish to have a "little privacy." :DEl Divino Club - this is where the celebs and trendies hang out. :eek: The Blue Rose - this is for mature audience only because it has an area reserved for exotic but tasteful nudity in a sexually provocative setting. blush.gif
  • thanks for that link...i might go sa Ibiza next year....excited na nga ako eh.....
  • if u like ibiza you'll also like ayia napa...
    the lonelyplanet.com site has a great overview of Ibiza, it'll tell u everything u need. I'm hoping to there myself after college grad, as a grad gift :) hopefully next summer i'm going to new orleans to i'm really looking forward to that. there's this festival on May that commemorate Women, Spirit and Dance. wow.
  • dream vacation ko un Ibiza
  • ryunryun PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Ibiza is a very nice island with some of the most secluded coves in the Mediterranean sea. Went there last summer of 2013 although I kinda like its neighboring island more - Formentera.

  • Hi Ryun, can you list down the expenses that you spent when u went to ibiza, from air travel (which airline), accomodations, foods, nightlife etc.. really achin someday to experience the ibiza life.

    did u travel barcelona to ibiza or other ways?
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