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What Car do you hate??

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YUn bang pangit ang style. o kaya ayaw mo yung fuel consumption, o kaya galit ka sa manufacturer.. etc.. anong kotse ang hinding-hindi mo bibilhin??

Ako FORD. any FORD car. FORD stands for:
Fix Or Repair Daily :D

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  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Owner-type jeepneys
    Nissan Sentra
  • sobrang hate ko these 2 cars:
    + A class of Mercedes
    + Smart Car ( hate!! sobra! dya know it only has 2 gears? drive and reverse! im sorry, but i really hate the way it looks..)
  • smart car? 2 gears? ano yun? what a loser car naman...
    what i really hate is that nissan car/pick up? whats it called? resort ba? basta, yung cross between a sentra and a pick up. it has the front half of the sentra, 2 models back, but it has the rear of a pick up. ANG PANGIT!
  • Ako naman I hate any car na hindi umaandar. Kahit smart car sasakyan ko basta umaandar. :D
  • + the smart car is manufactured by mercedes (wud u believe?). anyway, its meant for "city driving", not on the wide european expressways. sobrang liit nya, mukha syang bug. feeling mo tatalsik ka. not only that, it comes in really ugly colors.
  • ako I dont like the FORD LYNX, and the porsche boxster
  • clawed_out
    clawed_out Banned by Admin
    yung mga recycled na cars (yung para bang mas maganda if you'll throw them out in the bay & let those talabas & tahongs breed on them)
    or better yet idonate sa bottling company at gawing tansan!
    or ipagbenta sa mga movie producers para pasabugin!

    & yung brand ng cars na yoko ...kia, nissan (sirain-sobra)

    fx na mukhang moving kariton sa dumi
  • smoke bleching jeepneys and buses
  • Cars by Chrysler...it keeps breaking down on us.
  • TM
    TM -=badkitty=-
    i hate ...
    FX :D
    Mitsubishi adventure (parang mini-pajero kasi) :D
    mercedes made in korea

  • D0llpartS
    D0llpartS devious doll face
    Pick-up trucks......
    ung mga Mazda, Nissan, etc. na pick-up trucks! I hate them! totally!!!
  • * smoke belching vehicles (esp those %$#@!%$@%$# jeepneys and buses who think they're d king of d roads. grrr irritating uneducated & totally UNDISCIPLINED & $#!@$#@ stupid drivers) (well, pati commuters din kasi kahit sa'n na lang sumasakay kaya kahit sa'n tumitigil ang mga PUJs)

    * vehicles that are over 10 yrs old and not maintained (mukhang running scrap metal na smoke belching pa) (puh-leese spare d environment & our poor lungs)

    * overly dressed up cars (tipong LAHAT na ata ng accessories nilagay na. stickers, sideskirts, mags, spoiler na ubod ng taas, mudguards, antenna, chimney, sextints, wang², muffler, etc.) shempre kung aesthetically done ok pa pero kung lahat 'to nilagay.. aba mukha naman costume party 'noh

    * kahit nde car 'to, isasali ko na rin : tricycles na smoke belching & maingay!!! $#@!$^%# di na nga umaasenso yung pilipinas, imbes na proper modes of transportation, nauuwi tayo sa tricyles & pedicabs. kawawa naman ang pilipinas
  • I hate the F-150 because I met a really "angas" rich boy who owned one and now, everyime I see one, i'm reminded of him.
  • :?
    :? Unregistered
    I don't know why a FORD F-150 has too much impact on people.. believe it or not, F-150 has the MOST safety recalls than any other pickup trucks. Safety recalls are notes that are handed out by the vehicle's manufacturer to warn buyers and owners of their products' defects. Simply put, F-150 is THE WORST PICKUP TRUCK AROUND. Above all that, the
    F-150 is one of the worst truck in regards to fuel consumption, as supported by surveys. Toyota Tundra or Tacoma will *undoubtedly* outperform an F-15 or any F series FORD truck.. as seen in www.thecarplace.com

    As for the worst car, I'll never buy an Oldsmobile, GMC, FORD, and that electric car that you will have to recharge when you park in the mall.

    Smart car? 2 gears? You sure it's not automatic? If it's a stick, I'll betcha it'll lag when you drive it uphill :)

    Toyota rules!! ....(and beemers too ;))
  • argh i don't know if u remember this car but i really really really hate riding a gemini...yung ginagamit dati pang-taxi...i absolutely hate it...
    i also hate the F-150...walang kwentang pick-up...ang laki ng nakukuhang space sa parking lot! tapos malaki pa ang consumption ng gas! mag-isip isip nga yung mga may-ari nyan...mahal ang gas ngayon!
  • Mister Dean
    Mister Dean www.GannsDeen.com
    My family has a lemon Daewoo Racer. I'm an idiot when it comes to cars, but I can tell you that this was the absolute worst buy my family has ever made.
  • nowl
    nowl Member
    The Ford Lynx... coz Ford is trying to fool us with a rebadged Mazda Familia

    The Tamaraw FX... coz its ugly

    The Nissan Vanette... coz its hella slow (or does it just attract moron drivers?)

    The Honda City... i dunno y.. basta i hate it

    The owner type jeep... 'nuff said
  • S.T.A.R.E.X nagkalat na lang kung saan-saan....nakakairita :mad:
  • daki
    daki Gwapohon
    tamaraw FX
  • Nakakaasar yung mga Tamaraw FX na ginawang TAXI .... the car was not built really to serve as a public transportation vehicle. It was meant to be a family car. Kung makikita natin ang lakas ng pollution na nilalabas ng mga Tamaraw FX kasi nga sobrang gamit ang mga ito. tsk tsk tsk .... nakakairita din yon :mad:
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