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Bakit ka gumigimik?

just askin.... :)


  • bat ako gumigimik ?! hang out with my friends...socialize and meet new people...go to places and have some fun !! :)...pampalipas oras !! hehehe.. :)
  • in other countries, people only go out on weekends to party or go on an out-of-town trip to forget their tiring jobs on weekdays. but since life here in our country isn't that quickpaced, people go out even on weekdays. why?... i guess it's simply because they are bored with life itself. i go out to forget my worries and have fun. party on!!!
  • Hmmm... I go out basically because I want to spend time with my friends and have fun. Also, I go out to relax and unwind... and of course, do a little people-watching. :)
  • I live to party! And I party to live!
  • to forget about problems in school and personal ones, to hang out with friends.... to have fun! :)
  • After a long week in school I like hanging out with my friends to unwind and have a good time. Although bars and discos are really not my thing anymore, I still go because it's the company of my friends that I'm really after. :)
  • rors
    rors smash mo mukha mo :)
    to relax. to unwind. to meet my friends once in a while.
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