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Anyone been to Cleveland?

I was just wondering if anyone has been, or lives in Cleveland, Ohio, USA right now. How was/is it? OK ba? Sobra ba support sa Cleveland Indians baseball? hehehe... :)
What is the city like? Thanks!


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Are you planning to live there?

    We used to live in Cincinnati, and Cincinnatians tended to look down on Cleveland because it had a reputation of being a dull and dirty place to live. Indeed, there were two cities often called "the armpits of America". Detroit was one, Cleveland the other.

    But that was a stereotype, and Cleveland's reputation is mostly unwarranted. Some of my high school classmates now live there and love it.
  • di naman, i live now in San Francisco, CA. just curious lang how it is to be there. i'd like to visit soon coz i love the team over there. :)
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