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Question On Dry-Cleaning Clothes

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
When the instruction says "Dry clean only," do I really have to follow it? Can't I just have that piece of garment washed with the rest of the clothes in the washing machine? What's the worst that can happen? And what exactly is dry-cleaning!? Baka naman punas-punas, steam-steam lang yan ha.

Dry-cleaning is just a real hassle for me since the nearest dry-cleaners is a ride away and I really don't have the time to go there.


  • Actually, I feel that way towards "dry clean only" stuff as well. actually, i have this blouse and capri pants na supposed to be dry clean only na i had hand washed. la naman nanyari. but some clothes pinapa-dry clean ko talaga coz takot ako masira :)
  • rorsrors PExer
    all our supposedly dry-clean-only clothes are handwashed by my mother. i guess masisira nga kung washing machine.

    in dry cleaning ata, they use some sort of dry chemical to clean your stuff instead of wetting it coz some stuff shrink when wet. the only things i have dry cleaned are my stuff toys.
  • i put my 'dry-clean-only' clothes in the wash - gentle cycle..
    then i hang them up to dry.

    i haven't ruin any of my clothes so far..
    NOT YET!

  • dry cleaning is so expensive in the states, so i usually hand wash my 'dry clean only' clothes or if i'm tinatamad, i put them in gentle cycle just like what bing2x does and hang them to dry.

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  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Some cloths shrink or get deformed, while some, nagmumulmol. So, in dry cleaning, they just use these liquid chemicals, and spray them on your clothes (much like gardening). It avoids ruining the cloth.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Thanks guys. I guess I'd better start hand-washing some of my stuff.

    By the way, any ideas why blazers are dry-clean only? They look like they can withstand a washing machine naman.
  • uhm... this woman in black shop once told me that if you use perlan or some other mild detergent, pwede na.

    i've also tried the dry cleaning chemical, shell brand, and, okay naman. but as time goes on, nawawala ang shape.

    and i have this particular prada shirt, that the fabric is mejo stretch, reall nice shirt. the maids washed it by mistake and nagkulubot yung fabric. yan ata, talagang dapat dry clean lang.

    my advice: there are some clothes that say dry clean only, pero hindi naman mashado delicate yung fabric. i guess you can use mild detergent on this. me? i play safe by using the dry cleaning liquid. but, once in a while, i go to the professionals, para ma-press and mabalik yung form ng clothes.
    but for the really really delicate clothes, those that you're too afraid of ruining, go to the dry cleaners na lang. just to be safe. :D
  • Originally posted by blue babe
    uhm... this woman in black shop once told me that if you use perlan or some other mild detergent, pwede na.
    I use either Perwoll or Woolite when I wash my 'dry-clean-only' clothes in the washing machine --- on gentle cycle. Works great! *okay*
  • RonalldRonalld PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hey. I need help. What modern dry-clean products can you recommend to use?
  • SerJemasSerJemas PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hello. I can definitely say that dry cleaning is cool thing and it can help your clothes last longer and look good. But you should do all right, so if you don't have any experience with this, I think better will be to go to the special cleaning service. Or just read this article before start - https://beezzly.com/home/cleaning/how-long-does-dry-cleaning-take hope it will help!
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