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What are nice places to visit in Japan?

Planning to visit Japan this June, what are the nice places to visit, particularly Tokyo area? And what restaurants (Jap. food) in Tokyo do you recommend?


  • hi mytyragirl!

    i am a tokyoite, and if you are coming over the end of june, i might be able to show you around.

    there are lots, i mean infinite ways to enjoy your stay here. the only thing that might limit you would be your budget, since tokyo has a high standard of living.

    if you want shopping, try the ginza area (if you are willing to bankcrupt yourself ;) ), the shinjuku area, shibuya or harajuku.
    if you like to get the latest in electronics and computers, try akihabara.

    if you like the theme park thing, try disneyland, the yomiuri land, the fujiyama theme park near mt. fuji. my friends are planning to go to tobu square, which has replicas of famous landmarks in the world. marami pa, nahihirapan lang ako to remember everything.

    if you like cultural stuff, i can recommend that you go to temples and shrines. the best would be the one in asakusa. meiji jingu shrine is also great. it even has a museum and botanical garden to boot.

    food. hmmm. real authentic japanese food is skyrocketing expensive. even the japanese refrain from eating there. only if you are loaded, really. which is not to say that you can not enjoy japanese food! i know a lot of sushi bars, which would not put that much of a dent on your pocket.

    well, when are you coming over? are you coming with friends and family? i hope you can give me more info.

    my friend and i are actually planning to tour tokyo and the kanto area. maybe you can come with us during one of our thought out tours.
  • nowlnowl PExer
    nasabi na ni adlaw ang lahat... ahehehe... we used to live in Sendai pero malayo na yun from Tokyo so adlaw gave everybody a pretty good guide to Tokyo na... Akihibara is da bomb!!! :D
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