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Looks like I will be moving to Georgia by August. Since Emory is in Atlanta, I was wondering if anyone has been there/ lives there?

Care to share anything about it?

May Angels smile upon you,


  • I don't live in Atlanta, GA, but I've been there. You may want to visit the site of the Atlanta Olympics.. there's this really intersting circular fountain wherein you have to wait till the water goes down before you can get "in". It's a great picture spot. (You'll know what i mean when you get there ;) )
    Also, the CNN Headquarters is a must-see. :) Enjoy and God bless.
  • I have a friend who's from Atlanta. She and her husband lived here for a couple of years cos her husband was one of the top execs of Coca Cola in the Philippines. They got transferred to Bangkok a year and a half ago but they're moving back to the States. If you'd like I'll email her and ask about the place for you. blush.gif
  • Nikolai,

    Thank you that is very sweet. But that sounds like too much trouble. Your offer is genuinely appreciated.

    May Angels smile upon you,
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