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How much does it cost? Does it hurt a LOT?
Did you need to repeat the process several times or was once enough? Thanks! :)


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  • I bought an electrolysis thingee called the Finally Free Hair Removal Kit for about $100.00+ tax and shipping from http://www.selfcare.com ..It says it will remove your hair painlessly so I tried it on my facial hair and I guess it did remove the hair easily but you have to tug at the hair (it may hurt a little) for at least 45-60 seconds so the radio wave current could kill the root. After the root is treated, the hair slides out painlessly but the thing is, some of the hair could grow back in a couple of weeks (much thinner, though)...

    I've used it about 4 times so far and now, I virtually have no facial hair except for a few that grow back occasionally.. which I just treat again.

    I only recommend using electrolysis for facial hair cuz oh my goodness..if you use it elsewhere, it will take FOREVER to treat each hair!!!! I bought the Finally Free patches that supposedly remove more than one hair at a time but it seems like it doesn't work so I dunno.

    For arm/leg hair, I suggest buying Nads from http://www.nads.com instead.. It's a no heat wax and it REALLY works!! It doesn't really hurt but if it's your first time using it, your skin could get kinda pink at first but it goes away in an hour or so. BTW, it's about $30.00+ tax and shipping. :)

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  • hmm... which is better, nads or sally hansen wax strips?
  • Originally posted by chikitita
    hmm... which is better, nads or sally hansen wax strips?
    I'm not sure if Sally Hansen is good cuz I've never tried it but I'm guessing Nads is better. Nads is the best hair removal product I've ever used in my life! (compared to all the other depilatories, wax strips blah blah I've tried in the past)

    Anyhow, you've seen the commercial, right? You know how that lady puts the wax on that dood's leg and ALL the hair comes off? That's how it really works in real life if you do it right! When I used it on my arm for the first time, YEOWCH! :lol: ALL my arm hair came off at once!

    Nads really works like this: ;)
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    CLaiRe_ChiLL GiRLiEnG GuRLaSH at 30ish
    isn't it yet available here in the Philippines? Mukhang okey sya ha, no need to go to a beauty center to remove those unsighty hair :)
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