chickens, bird flu, and food poisoning

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Are they giving chickens something lately coz my hubby is getting poisoned by them only recently. doesn't matter where we got the chicken, cooked at home or in a restaurant. it upsets his stomach for a few days. i read somewhere about tamiflu as the drug of choice for chickens against the bird flu. if they have started administering it to chickens, they should tell the public about it.

i am not sure if my hubby is allergic to tamiflu, if this is what's causing his recent reactions to chickens or what. all we know is whatever they put in the chicken meat these days are provoking an allergic reaction from at least one person.


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    Hey bleh, are you sure its the chicken? Any changes in your hubbys diet could provoke changes in bowel movements. As could a host of other diseases or stressors. I dont know if there are any new treatments for chickens but I certainly dont think they give them Oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Governments have been stockpiling up on the stuff for use on people. Its not curative, see, and giving them indiscriminately to poultry will most likely lead to viral resistance.

    I dont think its the chicken at all, but its best you just observe things for a few days. What are the symptoms exactly? (stool quality, color, smell, abdominal pain?: quality, improves or gets worse with meals? ) etc etc.
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    hmmm... he hasn't had it since he avoided chicken.... as for the stool, he'll never tell me. abdominal pain, yes. like something was grinding below his bellybutton.

    he's had really terrible food poisoning cases. 5 times in the last 12 months alone. he would be sleeping in the bathroom for being too weak to go in and out. he was mostly puking then. the recent ones are more like expelling the evil thru the outhole. he never ever wants to see a doctor. we could only suspect which food triggers the poisoning. we eat the same thing and there's hardly any change in our diets. so it's baffling.

    you think these symptoms are also indicative of a possible appendicitis?
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    Hmm.. This doesnt sound like a food allergy or even appendicitis at all. Were there any episodes of blood in his feces? How is the abdominal pain? Is the vomiting a constant feature? Is the pain constant to one place? Is it improved by by moving his bowels? What does his stool look like? Is the pain worsening? Has there been any significant weight loss?

    I could ask a whole load of questions but I dont think it would be enough without a physical examination and maybe some further testing. Not to be an alarmist or anything, but the 5 episodes of what you think is "food poisoning" might be something else. If you take each case individually, you might think that, but it just seems highly improbable someone would eat that much bad food, especially given since you didnt have the same symptoms.

    I think it may just be incidental that he "improved" after avoiding certain types of food. I suggest consult with a Gastroenterologist in your area. Usually, for the vast majority of cases General Practitioner care is sufficient, but given this particular case i'd go straight to a specialist. The differential diagnoses might include things like Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Diverticulitis or maybe even something totally different. If your hubby gives you some grief about not needing a doctor, give him that speech about it not being for him but for you and the kids welfare, with husbands/fathers not being sold in supermarkets. In the meantime, make sure he's well hydrated and some semi-solids. But he still should see that doctor.
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    thanks for the helpful tip. if you have more of those questions, please post them here. i have to make a case to him about seeing a doctor. he thinks i worry too much over nothing. i really appreciate your help.

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