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Cord Blood Storage [Merged]

zarlatorazarlatora crash! boom! bang! PExer
For those who don't know what this is...
Cord Blood Preservation?

Research has revealed that umbilical cord blood, traditionally discarded at birth, contains special cells called stem cells, which can now be used in the treatment of over 45 life-threatening diseases. Cord blood banking allows you to preserve these stem cells for your family's future use if the need arises.

Why Preserve Cord Blood

Umbilical cord blood is a source of stem cells that can be used to treat over 45 malignant and non-malignant diseases including certain cancers, such as leukemia, and immune and genetic disorders. Preserving cord blood is a very simple and painless procedure, but it must be done at birth.

Other sources of stem cells include bone marrow and peripheral blood, however there are a number of benefits to using cord blood stem cells:

There is no risk involved in the collection of cord blood.

Cord blood is much easier to collect and harvest without the risks of general anesthesia required to harvest bone marrow.

Cord blood is readily available when needed (if collected and stored at birth).

Cord blood is often more compatible when used in transplants, especially when it is used within the family, creating less chance of rejection.

Cord blood has lower procurement costs compared with peripheral blood or bone marrow harvesting.

Cord blood has demonstrated broader potential clinical applications in initial studies for improving neural repair and bone and tissue growth.

I see it somehow as a health investment...

Did you actually go for this? Please share your experiences and opinions. :)


  • mytitagirlmytitagirl Member PExer
    i believe that the technology is not wide-spread here in the Philippines. But in other countires it is, in asia, singapore is the nearest country to us who is endorsing cord blood preservation.

    i was there and they had advertising on the benefits of stem cells.

    Here, well, unless there is a private sponsor to shoulder the cost of preservation, only the rich will be able to benefit from this. it costs a lot to keep the umbilical cord "fresh" until such a time in the unknown future when you will need it and use it.
  • sneezysneezy galit sa panget PExer
    Have any of you had your child's cord blood stored?
    If so, which company did you choose?
  • SweetkaySweetkay looking for my next mistake ✭✭
    Nope. It wasn't offered to me that time and I only recently discovered about this.
  • bettineybettiney Member PExer
    there's only 1 company that does this in the phils. Stemcord. didn't do it with my child since he was born preemie and i wasn't able to sign up with them early on. Maybe with the next child i will definitely do that.
  • alvurnheeyhaalvurnheeyha Thinking aloud! PExer
    what is cord blood storage and what advantage it gave for mum and baby?
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    bettiney: How much po ang rates sa Stemcord Philippines?

    alvurnheeyha: Basically stem cells are harvested from your baby's placenta and umbilical cord, and stored (I think they are frozen) in their facilities. These stem cells can be used for a transfusion later on if your child or a close relative gets a disease that kills his or her immune system, such as leukemia.

    More info here:

    I read about cord blood storage in What to Expect When You're Expecting but when I looked around, ang mahal pala... at Cyro-cell the initial payment is $1,100 plus an additional $100+ per year of storage. And I needed to sign up 8 weeks before my due date, since I'm not in the US. It's too late for me but some other mommies-to-be in this forum might be interested :)

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