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¤¤¤ The Mountain or the Ocean? ¤¤¤

fireflies, sea shells, trees, climbing, swimming, white sand, mountain top, bikinis, mount everest, the carribean sea...

stay here tn_snst39_jpg.jpg or stay there tn_rushsm_jpg.jpg ?


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I like the mountainous areas more, because I prefer cold weather. Plus, I don't like salt water; just chlorinated water, please. :)
  • Those craggy rocks looks more hospitable to me... What does those mountains look look like when backdropped by a sunset? It would probably be a lot more welcoming. And then you place wolves at the peak, and some hyenas a bit lower... Oh forget it. :)

    Ira: I agree about the salty water. I was born and grew up in Manila. My first exposure to unchlorinated water is a bit of a reality check. Meron palang ganung tubig? Of course it may be because I was too young then... And trust me, the beach is colder at nights.
  • tough choice... i love the mountains because it certainly feels like i'm on top of the world whenever i climb. para ding ang lapit mo na sa langit...

    pero i also love the ocean and the beach... iba ang effect sa akin ng waves. soothing talaga.
  • I have to agree with you Ira..I'd rather go for the mountains...i never liked salt water
  • I'm really more of a water person. :)
  • blush.gif the ocean has that...erm..calming effect.... blush.gif
  • mountain!!!!!!!!

    anyone up for some hiking in the cordillera range? :D
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Ocean. :D
  • I like to watch sunsets over the ocean.
  • OCEAN :cool:
  • ZenZen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sheesh, tough choice. How about a mountain near the ocean? :D
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Oo nga Zen, that would be real convenient! :D I love to watch sunsets over the ocean too.. :)
  • Oo nga,pwede bang both? I just got back from the Malabing Valley, Nueva Vizcaya, Banaue and Sagada though, so pwede na rin siguro ang mountain.

    Re:Malabing Valley, Nueva Vizcaya, the place is simply awesome. Talk about unspoilt. It's got a 6 km. limestone cave with impeccable stalactitie and stalagmite formations. Sometimes nga, nagkakasalubong na, ang sabi sa amin, tawag doon "stalagmate". Get it? :) The best part is, the cave is hardly visited. (We were visitors no. 792 to 800 only, according to the logbook)I guess the reason for this is that the cave was only discovered by a Japanese spelunker 3 years ago.

    Access lang nga ang problema. It's a 4 hour ride up rough (as in REALLY rough)roads with matching river crossings pa, from Solano, N.V.Unfortunately, Solano,N.V. is 6 hours from Manila.

    Anyway, we stayed at this Citrus orchard owned by an Ifugao man by the name of Alfonso Namujhe. I swear he has the best citrus fruits I've ever tasted (ponkan, Oranges, dalanghita, etc.). The guy trained in Australia, and he was told that the location of Malabing vis-a-vis the equator, coupled with the red clay and inclined terrain were perfect for raising Citrus fruits. Talo ang imported! He has this one fruit, satsuma, a Japanese variety of orange, that is so good. Walang trace ng asim at all. Better yet,no seeds.

    So, if any of you have the inclination, a taste for oranges, plus the desire to wake up in the morning with the clouds as your blanket and the freshest mountain breeze as your alarm clock- - I strongly suggest you go.
  • the ocean definitely. picture sitting on a powdery sand beach, sipping on some fresh fruit juice, staring at the waves as the tide comes in. it's so peaceful. u hear the waves & it sort of lulls u 2 sleep. ang sarap ng feeling... lalo na pag sunrise or sunset... *sigh* i miss d beaches of australia...
  • :?:? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Mountain... hmm.. maraming ahas..
    Sea.. hmm.. takot ako sa tubig..

    Bahay na lang kaya? Play with my PC :D
  • *sighs* i love both the mo*ntain and the o*ean!! *gets dreamy*

    pero k*ng isa lang talaga, the o*ean *g*ro, pero dapat maraming trees ang naka s*rro*nd or nasa tabi ng o*ean!! *sighs again*
  • Yes, you may have both views in certain places. In San Simeon, California, the Hearst castle sits atop a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Talaga breath taking ang view from the top, especially during sunset.
  • I'd have them both. The scenic "dry land" paradise in Kevin Costner's Waterworld is my idea of having both worlds. You have the ocean, misty mountains, tall waterfalls, green woodlands and an assorted mix of flora and fauna. It borders on the surreal and enchanting I tell you. Simply beautiful. :)
  • take me to any mountain ANY TIME :redsmile:
  • :fangdvl: definitely OCEAN!!!
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