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Alam Ba Ng Nanay Mong Wala Kang Pinaniniwalaang Diyos?

curious lang po sa mga agnostics at atheists dito... ako no puedo, baka isumpa ako ng nanay ko kapag nalaman nyang agnostic ako. :glee:


  • that's really not your problem but hers. it only becomes your problem if she starts nagging you or threatens to disown you. to play safe just don't tell her.

    my mom has an inkling but she wouldn't dare ask up front. before i told her that i read in a website that there was a term for people like her it was 'religious intolerant'
  • i wonder how many people will do anything just to please their parents even if it didn't make any sense at all.
  • It hit her (and my father, and my brothers too when they learned about it) hard when I asked her, "Does God exist?" Well, she talked it over with me as a mother does, citing the simplest of reasons of why there is God (which I appreciated). I then stopped pestering her and continued praying the Catholic way, but deep inside, I was an agnostic (a hypocrite at that).

    Up until now, (I'm no longer an agnostic though but a theist), they have no idea that there came a time that I became an agnostic. I didn't tell them, I don't want them to worry, and I don't want to explain.
  • well if you don't want anyone to worry.
    then 'when in rome do as the romans do'
    no problem with that, i do it all the time.
    no one asks me what i am, and i don't tell either

    don't worry, not everyone is gonna bother you.
    i used to go to this hindu temple when i wanted to eat vegetarian food
    they have seen me several times go home at 4am when they are walking to their temple. for them, i am considered ignorant. i heard they sleep at 9pm and wake up at 3am. i drink liquor, eat meat, drink softdrinks and caffeine, that is all a nono to them. and yet we all respect each other. i go to their temple and eat their food.
  • gekokujo
    gekokujo Original Fire
    mom is an atheist.
  • jisc
    jisc PSC805+SHP895=eargasm
    i've been wanting to tell them, just waiting for them to ask. and tell them that i dont believe in that fukcin nonsense anymore. but then again, maybe when the time comes they ask, i might lie because my mom has a weak heart and it may kill her. but i think they have a hint that i dont believe anymore, i'm what they call "lamig", they've een telling me to go to church! go to church! but they never asked me why i'm not going for the past 3 years
  • yep... i told her bluntly, "ma, do you know i'm an agnostic bordering on atheism. do you know what an atheist is?"... she answered, "oo! un walang pinaniniwalaan" :lol:

    she's ok with it... i mean, i roll my eyes and laugh at,er, "religious" people doing crazy things on TV but she doesn't say a word... she wasn't religious to begin with... she doesnt try to change me. i reckon she thinks i'm relatively a good girl despite my,er, unorthodox beliefs.
  • gemski_16
    gemski_16 Senyorita Lakwatsera
    I'm sure ikakawindang ng Mommy ko.

    Personally, if she will have the time to reflect on it (hehehe, bago niya ako kulitin). I think I'm much more reponsible and happier now. Maybe because I know that everything will depend on what I want and what I do. I do not have false pretense that "someone" will do miracles and take care of whatever things that I do not have control over. When things turn out unexpectedly, I do not hover on what the purpose/meaning is. I just learned to accept that they are what they are. I only have control over certain things and some people make decisions that tend to affect my reality. :)
  • nah. i dont want to get kicked out of the house.
  • she does. i openly question her beliefs at home...

    she's a... strict catholic. and i was raised in a family of strict catholics, studied in catholic schools my whole life... and i ended up like this. :lol: and up until today, she bluntly tells me that she still prays that i go back to god. she even once asked me, "will you never be a catholic again? or even just have a god? something you beieve in?"

    i shook my head, "i don't believe in god. but i believe in myself and my capabilities. and i believe that the only thing that makes this world worth living in is love."
  • my mother also told me that, that she prays that i go back to god. i told her not to worry i also pray to my "god" and hope that she will believe life the way i view it too.
  • joma_s
    joma_s HellBoundHeretic®
    Me: Mom, I dont believe in God
    Mom: Thanks God you realised that!
  • longkalog71
    longkalog71 Master HungHang
    mom thinks im going to hell--living in metro manila is partly hell already :rotflmao:
  • Me: mom why do i have to go to church this sunday and believe in God.

    Mom: if you dont go to church this sunday and believe in God..
    no one will see your beautiful dress you wearing.. Who will believe you?
  • longkalog71
    longkalog71 Master HungHang
    your mom has a point;-)

    me: hirap ng konti pera, hindi ko magawa lahat ng gusto ko...

    mom: mag simba ka kasi.ask and u shall receive, nasa bible yan.

    me: ang cute naman
  • me: ina-antok pa ako, ayoko yatang magsimba ngayun.

    mom: puwede ka namang matulog sa simbahan kaya pilitin mong mag-simba...
  • joma_s
    joma_s HellBoundHeretic®
    mom: joma, gising na at simba ka na...
    joma: inaantok pa ako eh.
    mom: kanina pa nagdaan si trixie, mauna sa daw sya..

    joma: (sabay bangon..)
  • joma_s
    joma_s HellBoundHeretic®
    my sister: mom, meron ako sasabihin..
    my mom: increase of allowance?
    my sister: mom, ateyista na ako.

    my mom: (shocked) It cannot be! Kilala kita all your life. Alam kong hinde ka mahilig sa prutas na maraming buto!
  • nanay: I heard you dont believe in god.. why?

    ako: kasi meron si kristo na wala ako.

    nanay: ano iyun?

    ako: magic wand.
  • After I became an activist, Nanay must have had noticed that I'd long stopped going to church. One dawn, she waked me up and asked for a moment of heart-to-heart talk. She sat on the edge of the bed when she shot the question, "dong, do you still believe in God?" I could have frankly answered her, "Nay, if your God did truly exist, why is it that I can't feel his presence in this hapless country?" But a mother is a mother, so I answered her, "yes, but not in the image you have of Him".
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