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What constitutes a great time?

For me it would be:

A gimmick with great company where dancing is encouraged and drinking is optional. :) Otherwise, I'd rather stay in a house pigging out and watching movies. :)

Your thoughts please... :)


  • May it be on the basketball blacktop or taking a drive in the city, i have the most fun when i'm hangin' out with a bunch of my closest friends. Great company makes for an even greater time.
  • For me it's good company, good conversation, right ambiance, good food.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A great time for me would be being with good friends, intelligent conversation, good food and drinks, and a quiet place with great ambiance.
  • Tatlong 'K' lang ang kailangan para sa masayang gimik:


    Kahit saan pa yung gimik, basta marami yung tatlong 'K', solb na 'ko!
  • for me great company and going home with a smile on your face :)
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    great company....good and lively conversation....comfortable surroundings...

    basta magkasama ang mga badgirls...kahit na saan kami... siguradong may paguusapan kami... and there's always laughter(save for course cards day of course) basta may makausap na matino ok na yun... masaya na kami...
  • lively conversation, good food and krayola saying yes to dinner...LOL

  • great time? not too late not too early. gets? time...
  • Awww... ross... argh! *makes batok ross* :)
  • being alone anywhere with the one i love =)
    kahit hindi nag uusap, kahit walang ginagawa...
    basta magkasama =)

  • sexual encounters and superfriends, incorporated.
  • hmm...
    for romantic time...
    try this...
    your auto... with good sound system...
    the song "I'LL BE" playing on the background
    and the one that you love....

    for good friends time...
    try these...

    After the prom (for those j-s here...)
    after bar hopping, go to Antipolo Cloud 9...
    damn, bring lots of beer and chasers... chips then pig out!!!

    if it's a rainy day, pig out on some chips or homemade sandwiches and have a movie marathon or a sleepover!!!

    or just plain bar hopping with your friends.. tapos diretso sa Antipolo Cloud 9...

    obvious bang fan ako ng ANTIPOLO CLOUD 9?

  • lots of good food and wild barbaric sex

    ye bebi...hu is yor papa?
  • hahaha.. "hus yor papa bebi?"?

    right on!!
  • black: eh di sa antipolo cloud 9 mo pala kami ililibre ni joan when we get home? hahaha...humanda ka na!
  • mizzcherrypie: huh? bat napasama ako dyan? kilala mo ba si black? tsktsk siguraduhin muna and hinala bago magpalibre :)

    what constitutes a great time? hmm...nasabi na lahat eh...pero mas masaya kung may manlilibre! :D

  • anyways, ms Cherry Pie.. ok lang.. basta sarap tlga dun eh!!!! sobra!!
  • black dun na lang natin gawin yung fan's day natin! hehehe ;)
  • pwede rin, joan!!!
  • A good time for me is being with a couple of friends, while in a house (minimal expenses!) There should be lots of topics, with the people giving spontaneous and witty answers. There should be quick exchanges, non-stop retorts, a bit of laughter, running gags, and various misquotes.

    Hello everyone! This is my very first post. Hey Ada, where are you?!
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