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may nakaka-alam ba nito?


  • Yeah, I've seen it... it's a pretty crappy show

    ANIME NETWORK came back... yay!

    Anyway, the first thing I watched off it today was the first episode of GANTZ *which was edited, but who cares*

    I think this is one of those "OH MY GOD! SHOCKING!" shows


    But to be honest, I think it kinda leans towards satire *or maybe my understanding of satire is wrong*

    ... I mean, I'm not shocked, I even laughed a couple of times here and there

    Okay, let's begin...



    The thing starts out with some high school kid, he gets teased at school when some girl points out that he's getting "it" up in class

    So on his way home, he decides to go buy some girly magazine since he's disappointed with himself

    ANYWAY, the story really starts when he's standing at the front of where the train comes in

    I guess, the interesting thing here is that we get to hear what's going on inside everyone's head... which for some obscure reason has mostly to do with sex

    So then there's this BUM who wanders in and he's all drunk and crap... since you can hear everyone's thoughts, they all point out how disgusting the guy is...

    So yeah, he eventually staggers forward and falls into the train track...

    But then everyone pretends that he didn't fall in since they don't want to take the effort to get him out

    Among ALL the able people there, only one guy was willing to help the bum out and he happened to be the main guy's old best friend

    The main guy didn't really wanna help out, but then since he was called on by his old best friend, he didn't have a choice since it would look bad in front of all the "responsible people"

    After getting the guy out, the train starts pulling in and they decide to try to outrun it since it might stop... unfortunately, it's an EXPRESS train and they eventually get turned into slivers

    Everyone then plays the blame game even though they knew what very well would've happened

    But before you know it, the two guys are in this weird room with a black ball in the middle of it with other people that have supposedly died

    After some chatter, another person comes in, some naked chick and one of the men in the room decides to go and ***** her... but then, that tall dude who helped the bum out goes and helps her when everyone else decided not to...

    *kinda like the thing on the train*



    First thing I wanna point out is that I kinda see what the show is getting at...

    It's this really weird world where everyone apparently doesn't want to inconvenience themselves in order to help other people

    the whole "displaying what everyone's thinking" bit was kinda exaggerated, but that's what it was supposed to be

    Apparently, when something really bad happens, people divert their attention with useless things:

    "Oh look! He's pretty cute, he's got a nice ***"

    It was supposed to be all dark and demented, but I really only felt like laughing at how incredibly stupid and irresponsible everyone is...

    … that was followed by raising my hand in hopes that I would be able to slap the people onscreen, but to no avail

    It's pretty simple and not too hard to follow, I am kinda curious as to why people were transported to that weird room, but I'm assuming it's to team up and go kill... something

    I think that the main point of the thing will be that the people involved are gonna be inconvenienced to help people now whether they like it or not

    …I’m fairly sure everyone is going to whine about it though…

    except for maybe that long black-haired guy, he’ll be the guy who prods everyone’s conscience or something like that

    talking about that… the lead character choice is really weird though, it should've been the guy who was voice by Illich Guardiola, but then it's the other guy who's pretty whiny and negative

    … yes, I didn’t bother learning the names, just the actors who played the characters…

    Except, it was actually CHRIS ARYES who played the main dude, not GREG like I thought earlier…

    … oh, it’s KEI and MASARU, there we go

    Anyway, I think the choice to do that was done on purpose for “effect”, apparently the people who made this thought that it might be more interesting to see the world in the eyse of someone who is completely cynnical


    All in all, it's interesting, but the “shock factor” is pretty much killed because of the shallowness and makes it seem comedic * especially considering what goes on in everyone’s heads*

    I totally didn't like the ANIMATION, that’s for sure

    … this show just looks mediocre

    The limited animation, awkward character detail, artificial-looking palette and lame 3D backgrounds all looks totally bland when you put it together

    Even the scene where they're running and how they got run over by the train just looks like it was haphazardly coordinated to the point where’s it’s hard to believe the aftermath * again, exaggerated, for that "shock" factor*

    I'm beginning to wonder why the hell everyone likes GONZO shows so much VISUALLY after seeing this

    Saw the second episode recently... the animation is still terrible

    oh yeah, after seeing the last disc of ELFEN LIED, I realized that GANTZ has ZERO tension

    So yeah, skip over this and see ELFEN LIED instead
  • It's all about the sex, violence and psychology that got me hooked to this anime. The ending is a big question mark but still I believe that Kurono beat Gantz.

    *I still prefer this than Elfen Lied.
  • ^if you stopped following gantz after the anime ended then you haven't seen anything yet. its continued sa manga and masyado malayo ang elfen sa gantz if you compare the 2. gantz is awesome, elfen is just so-so. hehehe
  • Read the manga first before watching the anime. Story-wise it has its originality and graphic depiction of sex and violence is a surplus!
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