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fashion forecast for 2000

i think gray will be in (like it is now)...lots of those utilitarian clothes...cropped pants even for men...ergonomic shoes...


  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    in hongkong, most of the stores display clothes with colors gray/silver, khaki, white, black, orange, & some reds.
    but of what type/ style, yes, utlity clothes are the "in" thing now. pockets, velcro, toggle sleeved shirts/pants.

    move over ralph lauren cause here comes abercrombie & fitch!

    baggy pants are in and baston pants will never be (for me lang!)

    pero overall, kahit ano basta bagay! ;)
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    In the Philippines, clothing styles rarely change. Most people still go for comfort instead of style, and most of the stuff I see in stores are still pretty much of the classic design. Jeans and shirts pa rin yan.
  • some people will be into utilitarian stuff nga but others will go back to their roots and go for the ethnic-indian and asian inspired stuff....

    and of course, there will be the boring boring overpriced brand name clothes from ralph tommy and all that...forever naman ata eh...*sigh* wont people ever learn NOT to waste their money?!
  • malamang mga gray, silver, blue...
    greens, khakis, whites and baby pinks...
    mga radical colors....
  • sure hit na siguro ang WARP and HAVOC...
  • bagay sa pilipinas 'yung mga surf shorts at sandals sa init ng klima. mahirap pumorma sa atin sa sobrang init. mahirap mag-2 piece/layer suit.
  • Jepoy's fashion prediction for 2000...

    Khaki and cargo pants are here to stay, and so are baggy, sagging jeans (but not too low). Pastel colored sweaters and zipper vests seem to be the "in" thing for the cold season (but not for long, i don't think). Military colors (dark brown, dark green, grey) are making a comeback too. Next year, i expect brand names such as Tommy, Polo, and DKNY to finally go obsolete. People will be going back to more practical/affordable brands (i know I am)like Gap, Old Navy, Structure, Banana Republic etc. Brand name sneakers will never go out of style, the "Jordans", Iverson's "The Answer", and most "And 1" shoes being on top of the shoe chain... stylin' kicks is always a must. And ofcourse.. the black, fitted, baseball cap for those "bad-hair days".

    As for mens formal wear naman, metallic colored ties on top of pale colored dress shirts.. nothing too bright.

    But if i had a choice.. i would bring back the bellbottom jeans and save myself a ton of money.. hehehe. :)

  • 1. Neutral colors will be "in" -- grey, silver, black, white...
    2. Cargo pants
    3. Drawstring pants
    4. The ethnic look
    5. The gothic look
    6. Clogs
    7. Silver make-up

  • for this winter.. i'll add to jepoys list..

    thermal top and a tshirt outside.. Basically your Skater/Snowboarder look is in once again but not too grungy.. more stylish.. as Old Navy and The Gap are producing clothes with this fashion..

    HipHop fashion is here to stay although majority of the population go moderate instead of total ghetto..

    the Hiking boots/work boots look is here to stay as well... with ur Timberland and Skechers and Stone Ridge brands dominating this area...

    for semiformal/formal attire... yep. pastel colors with matching tie... ties don't contrast the shirt but blend with it or is the same darker shade.....

    on a less mainstream area... earring for guys are just not on 1 ear anymore.. it's sorta geeky looking like dat nowadays.. it has to be on both ears.. ;) tongue piercing is IN also!!
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