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What happened to the Gatecrasher Party?

I want to know how the Gatecrasher Party held last Saturday was

I had invites but I couldn't go coz I had a retreat... I heard the DJ's were great. Everything was great daw except for the freaking earthquake. So how was it ?


  • tim: techno lover ka pala... hehehe...

    anyways, i was at the gatecrasher party with a friend. we arrived at 12:30am and was met by a large crowd at the entrance (yung malapit sa parking kasi sinara na daw yung main door). madami ang hindi pinapasok eventhough they had invites. buti nakapasok kami.

    the dj's were great! sakto lang ang dating namin kasi pataas na ang music... kaya the real techno lovers were really going at it. yung iba... ayun... nakatanga... patingin-tingin lang. sana naman nag-enjoy din sila.

    then, the earth shook. there were people who decided to call it a night after the earthquake, while others stayed up till morning to party. buti na lang walang nag-panic. some didn't even notice the earthquake and continued with their trance. tuloy pa din ang music... tuloy ang party. we left the place at around 4:30 kasi nagutom na kami.

    can't wait for the next party. hope to see you in one of those parties. :)
  • corny naman ang gatecrashers.
    i've definitely seen better sisters of soul
    siyempre i'm ny
  • damn people were so many I couldn't get in. think they caused the earthquake.
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