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CardCaptor Sakura VS Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

i like both of them


  • hi! i like them too.
  • as long as Sakura's in there, i LOOVVE it! im so obsessed with her! *^_^*
  • sakura sakura :)
  • I love CCS to death and I'm beginning to love to TRC to death as well. Hehehe.

    Syaoran of CCS vs Syaoran of TRC? I like Syaoran of CCS better, although the older Syaoran of TRC is really, really hot. Mou! So hard to make a decision! I'm glad that TRC retained his kind-heartedness and heart-wrenching loyalty to Sakura and as bonus, added a little bit more angst in him. I love broody, miserable beautiful boys! LOL!

    Sakura of CCS vs Sakura of TRC? Hands down, Sakura of CCS. I just don't like seeing the usually bright Sakura looking so sad and helpless. I hope as we see more of the manga and the anime of TRC, Sakura would become more cheerful and not be so helpless all the time.

    Touya of CCS vs Touya of TRC? Touya as the King is just so much fun! While I am totally in love with his sister-complex in CCS, I love him more in TRC and isn't he so sexy in black?

    I miss some of the old characters in CCS though, like Kero-chan. I wish Kero-chan can make an appearance in TRC.

    I think I love CCS more. Ok, I know I love CCS more, after all, if it weren't for CCS, there wouldn't be any TRC, ne?
  • Of course mas love ko CCS!

    pero love ko rin TRC, me pagka-gloomy lang kc c Sakura dito unlike sa CCS... pati c Syaoran, seryoso masyado e... pro luvs ko pa rin cla :D
  • bitin ang ending ng TRC...can't wait to watch the next season next year

    I think mas cute sila sa CCS...at tulad nga ng mga sinabi niyo, ibang iba ang mga characters nila sa TRC lalo na si Sakura...mas seryoso ang TRC...

    I'll go for CCS :D
  • konti pa lang napapanood at nababasa ko sa TRC. but judging from that teeny amount of TRC that i know, i think i love CCS better. pero baka magbago ang ihip ng hangin. ang cute kasi sobra nila dun eh.
  • niceplayniceplay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Cheers for both of them :D
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