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have u gone to a....

strip bar? I'm not saying that if you go there you are pervert or something. I know a lot of people who have been there. My female friendds have gone to Chico's just for fun. Ako naman I've been into many places in Timog and Quezon Ave. when I was younger. Of course with friends not to look for sex but for entertainment. Have u also?


  • Hey there Jack! Can't say that I have. ;(
  • Cy
    Cy Registered User
    eb na lang tayo sa strip bar he he he ... =I
  • i haven't pero my mom who's really really game was tricked by my sister to go to chico's....just to get a reaction. all she said was..."dios mio..kung saan saan nyo ko dinadala...halika let's watch a live band na lang"

    sabay last sulyap and a..."bakit ang kintab kintab nila?"

    hehehehe...love you mom!!
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger
    chiqui: di ka ever na curios?

    cy: saan na strip bar?

    T-KiX: ba't dika sinama? kewl mom uve got pala. ;)
  • yup ... ;) ... both kinds ... but one of the girls i was with got really depressed ... :( ... she felt bad for the dancers bcoz the guys were obviously hiding their shame behind the "smouldering", "intense" stares they were giving their audience ...

    the first strip bar i went to had girl-dancers (14, 15, 16 pretending to be 18) ... i was with my cousin-kuyas a wk b4 entering up ... they wanted me to see what it's like so i won't be so curious & go with male friends who, of course, my cousins don't trust ... quite an immersion, huh? :)
  • san ba ang pinaka ok na strip bar now?
    sa timog, q. ave, mabini, roxas?
    san ba?
    pls be specific...tnx...
    hehehe! :)
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    hmm..i have actually..with some of my crazy high school friends..hehehe
    and of course, i live along Quezon Avenue..so i can always go to my neighbors and watch a show..bwahahahahahhahahaha
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger
    stanch: depende rin yan sa budget at anong gusto mo. Kung tingan mo lang ang clientelle, I think Pegasus stands out. ;)
  • e yung mga mas mura naman sa pegasus?..kasi da best na yan e...in terms of presyo and quality....

    san pa?
  • jack...

    of course i was! ;)
  • Pegasus isn't really a strip bar. The girls on stage just dance in skimpy outfits and the moves are quite suggestive. The real action goes on in the private rooms. For P1200, you can request for a private dance - thats about 10 minutes or 2 songs. The girl will strip naked while dancing. She'll also caress the guy and in most instances strip him also. No sex really happens but she may give the guy a hand-job and if he's really turned on, sometimes its enough to climax him. The real action though happens in massage parlors...
  • Cy
    Cy Registered User
    jack: syempre sa pegasus, lexus or la legend (tama ba?) para sosy diba?
    actually it's very intruiging i wanna know kung ano itsura ... =) btw, madalas ka ba sa pegasus? bat alam na alam mo? hmmm pasama nga ko sayo one time lol
  • MiSTeRYoSA
    MiSTeRYoSA OnE DaY At a TiMe!
    Haven't been to any strip bars. But if I have a chance to go there, I will. I'm curious =)
  • derfor
    derfor Lovely day.
    di pa ako pwede eh
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger
    CY: hindi na, before when I was in college, we do it for fun. I dunno really why pero probably it was part "coming of age" thing. When I had a gf, medyo wala masyadong ganyan na gimik although i gave her the liberty to go to a stip bar with her gfs. :) I never been to those high clss strip bars kasi wala naman talaga akong "masamang" intentions.
  • Cy
    Cy Registered User
    jack: wat do u mean hindi na? as in di ka na pumupunta? sabi mo you've never been to high class na strip bar eh san ka pumupunta? sa mga low class? you mean to say pag pumupunta sa mga high class na strip bar my masamang intetion ka na? sama natin si Misteryosa! =)
  • jack: yeah right same here. i go there for the cold beers.
  • CaRaMBa
    CaRaMBa Administrator
    jack: My friends and I were planning for a long time, just out of curiosity, and for the fun of it lang talaga. Kaso nung pumunta sila hindi ako nakasama. Their reactions? Well, they were BOTHERED. Big time. They felt so much for the people who were there baring their souls. I'm sure it's the choice of some, but most of them really looked "forced" into it daw. Their eyes were lonely.

    So now I dont want to go na. =\
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger
    cy: invite mo siya!!! hehehhe
    caramba: see for urself... :)
  • AngryBird
    AngryBird Anger Is A Gift
    Speaking of strip bars, here's a story one of my professors shared with us:

    He used to teach at another school where most of his colleagues were gay. His gay colleagues told him they wanted to go out, and he said yes. He was suddenly surprised to find out that they were headed for a gay bar. He found out while they were already paying the cab driver.
    Naturally, he didn't feel at ease (He's straight). When one of his friends said magte-table sila, siyempre umayaw siya... But his gay friends insisted.
    Their group was five, and five men were ready to sit next to each. When asked which guy he liked, he chose the ugliest. "Sa kanila na yungmga guwapo," our professor said.
    As soon as the MAN he chose was seated next to him, inunahan niya na: "Pare, ibahin mo ako sa mga kasama ko ha. Hindi ako kagaya nila."
    The MAN's response? "Ok lang iyan. Ganyan lang talaga sa SIMULA!"
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