What's porma would u usually be seen in? ME? i like knee length skirts and tank tops, perfect for the philippine weather and sandals...also flares and basta, always HIGH shoes!!!!i need the height!!!hehehe...i guess i like trying out new things all the time...i hate looking like evryone else!


  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    It's always cool to be trendy but not over the top(like Jolina or anything like that..hehehe) Be classic chic. Like wear a longer version of the capri pants compared to the knee length version...the calf capris are more classic...look at Audrey Hepburn...her clothes from the 50's are still hip and cool until now. I love Banana Republic, French Connection and Club MOnaco whenever i go shopping in the states. Whenever i go out, i wear the knee length skirts and either a tube or's classic...wear basic black but with a touch of now the in thing is grey and red. even burnt orange is very nice with grey. Make it clean lines..not much of prints..stick with solid colors. as for shoes, big time now are the Prada-like shoes...millenium loafers and sandals but then again stay with classic sandals and pumps if u do want to invest. Always have classic mixed with trendy..for example...wear the "uso" boat neck 3/4 blouse with a nice tailored knee length skirt. and yes, it's not the's your own personal style that counts..doesn;t need to be an armani or prada to be needs brains and taste ;)
    remember...the term is CLASSIC CHIC!
  • i'm not as fashionable as g-whiz and trinity. i'm usually seen wearing jeans and my ever dependable sandals. since, with this get-up i look like a common person on the street, i express my inviduality with my socks!
  • im not really a banana republic or french connection type ....i think it looks great but it's not really me!im more of an urban outfitters and vintage stores type of girl!i swear i shouldve been born in the 70's!my mom has these really nice old bellbottms and halter midriffs and stuff that i would love to wear...but you know how people are in this country---you'll get stares galore!
    i actually like ethnic stuff now. my friend went to bangkok and got all thses cool ethnic skirts that look great with tank tops...also the jewelry!nice beads and stuff!i actually feel too constricted in those "clean lines and classic chic clothes!-NO OFFENSE TRINITY, I AM SURE YOU LOOK GREAT IN THEM!, but i'd probably look weird coz i'll be self conscious!
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    oh don't worry...i don't take any offense ;) I was into funky stuff when i was younger, too. I think I outgrew all the angst and funkyness :) Trust me..i love urban gotta pick though from what they have. I got a nice beaded skirt for 10 bucks over there. You just gotta mix and match. Well as long as you feel good and nice in them..go ahead! this is a free world, right? my other thing is being fashion forward. I look like i'm a mixed breed of white and asian, so too much of ethnica kinda makes me like a fluke for trying too hard to get in touch of my asian side..hehe oh well but anyways, being fashion forward is always great ...more power to fashionistas :)
  • Usually you can see me in bootleg jeans and a comfortable top. For shoes, i can go with either sandals or my ever-dependable black boots. But for going out, flares are my usual getup but i do wear knee-length skirts from time to time. :) And kung makakalusot sa tatay... above the knee when I'm feeling a little daring... ;)
  • i am having second thoughts of posting a message here. i might be misinterpreted as something that i am not. well, here goes--porma for me is anything see-through and laced material, backless, very thin straps, stilleto shoes it really doesn't matter what color, as long as i am with her. seriously, porma is being comfortable, and getting away with what you are wearing. you may be wearing an expensive outfit but if you cannot carry it then you might as well be wearing a less expensive one. also, knowing what is appropriate for the occasion and not being too different from everybody else.
  • ctv...
    Glad to see that you shared your thoughts with us! Don't worry, diba as they said nga, if you've got it, flaunt it! ;)
  • I also go for the classic chic. A shop I love in the States is Ann Taylor. Their clothes have simple lines but look elegant. Oh, I wouldn't mind getting dressed like Audrey Hepburn everyday! I also love the knits but not only are they often expensive, they're too hot to wear in Manila. I actually can't understand how some people wear sweater sets around here!

    Anyway, can anyone recommend a good shop in Manila that carries fashion like this? Reasonable prices are pretty important for me, too.
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    hmm sweater sets are actually not that warm. It's a lot cooler than wearing...say a suit for work. I had an internship over the summer and I love my suit but it was waaayy too hot to wear it all the time. Sweater sets are a good alternative but some say it's too casual for work ....anyways, about shopping. Everything in manila is a tad expensive, the good ones that is. I personally go the states to go shop especially since the right fit and quality is hard to come by. But if i really need to shop, the Linea Italia group has some good buys especially when they have the sales. They're really nice and inexpensive pa. hmm Greenhills is always a good find. Add in Fish and Anonymous..even MIX
    come to think of it...there are a lot of cool shops in just have to rummage threw all the crap ;)
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