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The perfect gimmick

What would be a perfect gimmick for you? Here are a few guidelines that could help you in answering this question:

1. If you could pull off something that you have been wanting to wear for the longest time...
2. If you could meet somebody in particular...
3. If you got to see the band that you've been patronizing...
4. If you could have gotten something for free (eg like in those product launchings)...
5. If you could see something that amazes you...

Take your pick... you can put in other points to ponder... Happy posting!


  • nix
    nix Administrator
    My perfect gimmick would be to watch an NBA Finals Game 7, courtside, with all the stars and celebrities around me. Wow!!!
  • hey nix... kung may extra ticket ka dyan sa perfect gimmick mo, sama naman ako dyan!... kaya lang mas ok sana kung naglalaro pa si michael jordan.
  • hey nix, chx and logan! sama ako sa inyo nix. bulls vs lakers sana para jordan vs bryant!!!
  • 0700p - dinner
    0900p - movie
    1100p to 0200a - coffee, stroll, and chitchat
    0230p - home
  • frenzy
    frenzy Certified PExAdik
    A perfect Saturday gimmick for me:

    10:30 AM - merienda
    11:00 AM - movie
    1:00 PM - lunch
    1:30 PM - stroll
    3:00 PM - movie
    5:00 PM - merienda
    5:30 PM - movie
    7:30 PM - stroll
    10:30 PM - dinner
    11:00 PM - stroll, chat (depends where)
    4:00 AM (Sunday) - home
  • KuHRant^21
    KuHRant^21 -ContemporarY-
    1:00 - shop 4 clothes
    5:00 - movie
    7:00 - dinner
    8:00 - go home/ rest/ wear new clothes
    9:00 - Billards @ Cactus in Libis
    11:00 - clubbing
    3:00 - North Park
    4:30 - kung may lakas pa, ... :)
  • 6am - leave Batangas port
    8am - arrive at White Beach in Puerto Galera
    8am of that day to 5pm two days later - just laze away on the beach with my friends, drink, snorkel, take pics, hike to the waterfall, drink... relax, unwind, have fun.
    7pm - arrive at Batangas port...

    actually basta out of town with my barkada where we leave the city and all our hassles behind is the perfect g.
  • monday.
    bilyar sa hapon.
    then eat out. kahit saan. sa SR thai, siguro.

    then mga 9 or 10 pm. nood ng lampano nights.

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