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Places malls to hang out in

You know, just sit around and act macho and cool. I really think that the places in Makati like Glorietta are super-cool, but super far, so I'll just have to be content with Shangri-La Plaza or Galleria. How 'bout you guys?


  • That's funny Basho, how do you manage to act super macho and cool in a mall? Doesn't the sheer number of people who go around the malls limit one's being able to get noticed?
  • makati malls are the best na....

    mega jessica zafra always says

    i hope the mall of asia will be big
  • i'm always at megamall kasi it's near my house. glorietta also. pero one of the malls i don't recommend is southmall kasi mababa ang ceilings, nakakatakot para sa mga claustrophobic.
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