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Take your pick: MALATE or MAKATI?

What's your favorite gimmick area? Is it the high profile world of Makati? Or maybe Malate's ecclectic mix?


  • I find Malate more....cosmopolitan. You go to Makati to be "seen", to Malate to be seen and heard. Cultural, social, lahat na ng barriers, dissolve in the air. The word for Malate is Maverick!

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  • I prefer going to Malate than Makati because you can get a lot more "sights and sounds" there. And you get to meet different kinds of people.. not the usual "sosy" and "conio" types in Makati. :)
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    it's hands down malate!!!! one of my favorite places in the world. Less pretentious than any makati counterpart. Whenever i do go out, I'm almost always in malate. It's very bohemian. It reminds me of the Village up in NYC. And it's actually cheap gimmick coz you park at one place(though looking for one is quite an adventure in itself) and just walk through Nakpil and remedios circle. It's cozy, hip and innovative =)
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger
  • The score so far:

    MALATE: 4

    MAKATI: 0

    To those who voted for Malate: Too bad it's been raining like crazy the past few weekends. :(
  • derfor
    derfor Lovely day.
    ngayon makati ako but when i reach 18 im going for malate
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    I noticed that 20 somethings (or atleast ppl in their late teens) do converge at Malate. I personally find some Makati places a tad juvenile or too overly "hip" for my own taste (not that i'm THAT old :)). It is sad that when the rains come, Malate is a bad place to chill.

    Will Hunting-ur the bro of Chiqui? So u most probably know my brother, too :) and i have a feeling i've seen you around the places i hang out :D
  • malate... it's manila's own version of boracay... no pretensions... good clean (?) fun... reasonably priced food and drinks... small and cozy bars and resto's... filled with people who know how to party... "come as you are" atmosphere... bands, rave music, retro, rock, world music, jazz, acoustic, r&b hip-hop... tara sa malate...
  • i think i like makati better. m more used to hanging out there. malate is ok... maybe m not so used to it yet there. ive just been there 2 or 3 times... as opposed to makati probably every or every other weekend. but of course, drinks are cheaper in malate! haha... its easier to get drunk :)
  • Makati is a great place to shop and comfortably watch nice movies...more money, more fun. Malate is the place for people who simply want to have fun. Whether you have enough money or not, there's a place for you to go to. It's a place where you can just be yourself... who you are, what you are, where you're from, girl, guy, or gay...who cares? Everybody just wants to have fun!
  • Yo Logan, you're right, "clean" may be a a questionabel adjective to describe Malate. What's cool about the place though, is that whatever kind of fun you want to have is ok. There's something about the place that makes people more open, more approachable.

    tr|n|ty, how would I know you're brother? Leave me a clue here or just e-mail me.

  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    Will Hunting-how about ..you call each other "brod"? good enough?
  • Malate...relatively new

    Makati...kasi pwedeng magmall before hitting the bars etc.
  • It's the 15th or the 30th of the month, or let's just say u've got big bucks and u wanna have some sure fire gimmick, where would u go?
  • ice
    ice - bite me -
    MALATE!!!!!...ummm makati's fine too
  • CaRaMBa
    CaRaMBa Administrator
    Decades in Makati, grabe, nagwawala talaga kami dun. Non-stop dancing!

    TYA in St. Francis. It's near, my barkada and I are 'regulars' (sort of) there, and their loaded potato skins... YUMMY!
  • Malate. It's cheaper, it's less pretentious, you can wear anything you want, and the crowd's less teenybopper. The traffic might be bad, but it's not as bad as in Makati.

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  • malate definitely, coz di maarte mga tao. what u see is what u get.
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    hehe this is an old topic na! but anyways, my answer remains the same

  • no other place but MALATE. kasi kahit MA-LATE ka, buhay pa rin yung party. and the ppl there are cool and nice. less of the try hard kiddies. and i think the reason is because they are scared of the badings, which is good for the slightly older ones like me. it rids me of the inconvenience of being peeved by pretentious, ever trying to be hip juveniles.

    yeah baby. MALATE. it may rhyme with "bulate" but.... ala lang. just thought that was a cute hirit. :)

    hi 3-ni-T! :) you make me wanna be a better man. (do you find that line lame?).
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