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Henna Tattoo

Does anyone know where I can get a henna tattoo?


  • What in the world is a Henna Tattoo? Mister Dean should give you a response. He's into these sort of things ...
  • y a henna tattoo? y not the real thing? getting one's not as painful as u imagine ... ;)

    but if anyone knows where i can get a henna tattoo also, i'd like to experiment on a design i saw b4 getting another permanent skinart ... :)
  • Shine
    Shine Hellowee! :)
    Hellowee! :)

    Got into this craze a few months back. I tried it and it does look nice. [Except for my parents' reactions thinking it's the real thing. <;g>;] I had one on my left wrist and one on my right arm. Hehehe ... I had fun overhearing my co-passengers on the jeep. Akala 'ata nila I belong to a cult or something. ;)

    Ann: Yeah, try it first before getting the real thing. At least you can scrub this off wtih a few showers. [Mine lasted for a week]

    Try to look for booths of Pintados or Putik. I think I can ask for Putik's whereabouts.
  • ann...
    I don't want it to be permanent kasi. I like playing with different designs so its better if I get the Henna.So you got a tattoo before? Impressed ako!

    info. on Pintados or Putik, okay? Thanks!
  • ann:
    i'm thinking of getting a permanent.
    please tell me where i can get a permanent tatoo, i want to be sure where i'm getting it from is sanitary, you can never be sure. thanks!

    trying henna first is a good idea, then you can be sure of the design. on the other hand, having the permanent on the first try kinda makes it more exiting, like living with a mistake for the rest of your life (that is if you didn't like the outcome).
  • davanita: i'll see if alfred guevarra is still near the san marcelino area ... but what's ur location pala? ... one thing, no matter how sanitary [when u see the syringe tip actually freed from its plastic wrap] & despite the doh's certification, ur blood won't be accepted for donation ... think abt it, hard :)

    glass house: nothing to it ... besides, it took me 2 yrs to find a design i can live with for the rest of my life so it was a long thinking-out period ;)
  • Mister Dean
    Mister Dean www.GannsDeen.com
    Henna tattoos are good ideas if you don't want to live with a design for the rest of your life.
    Like Shine said, Pintados is your best bet. They used to have a stall at Glorietta but I'm not sure if it's still around. Galleria will be sponsoring a tattoo exhibit sometime soon; perhaps they will have some henna persons over as well.
    As a person well into skin art, I recommend that you think once, twice, thrice about getting a permanent. Can you imagine yourself with your tattoo at age 60? If not, don't get one. Furthermore, dwell on the size and cost. A tattoo of about two by two inches will cost you around P700. Tribals are more expensive.
    However, if you're really thinking about it, just email me and we can get in touch with some legit artists. Tattoo artists have a union (can you believe it?) and these guys are the safest because they've got rules and everything. Ricky Sta. Ana gave me my first one and it's excellent (Calvin and Hobbes).
    ann: the doh accepted my blood. There's a mandatory six-month waiting period after your tattoo, and then they'll check it. I donated at Ateneo de Manila, and I think it's pretty legit bloodletting work.
  • ann:
    location: manila
    like mr dean said hindi naman forever na hindi ka makaka-donate ng blood, ang alam ko nga 2 yrs after eh, 6 mos. lang pala.
    Q: matagal bang magpa-tatoo, anong range?
  • mister dean: funny, i've had mine for more than 4 yrs now & the hospital over at quezon ave (lungsod ng kabataan?) refused my donation :(

    davanita: it took alfred (of wuds, mdean!) 2-3 hrs to do mine (approx 2x3) ... it really depends on how elaborate ur design is, & on how many colors u want ...
  • i saw the pintados booth months back at glorietta and galleria. but you have to get your tattoo done in public, with hordes of people watching. kinda embarassing if you ask me. is there any place where you can get it without the prying eyes of the public looking?

    you can actually do it yourself, if it's not on your hands. my cousin got me this henna kit in canada, it's got a plastic stencil and a pen with henna ink. it also has a book with different henna designs you can copy.

    instead of the pen though, you may use real henna. you can get real henna in body shop, they actually use it for the hair. but if you buy the small trial pack, that should be enough for a temporary tattoo. place the henna (mixed with water) in an icing bag (or whatever you call the thing you use for icing cakes) and use a really fine tip to draw the design. leave it there until it dries and then you may want to apply another layer to darken the color.

    good luck glass house. let me know what happens =).
  • to everybody who posted very helpful info.'s on henna tattoo, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'll let you know if got one already.
  • any other suggestions? :)
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