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Favorite Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew book



  • SIOPAO MANSIOPAO MAN PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I started reading and collecting Hardy Boys books when I was like 12 years old in the late 70s. I loved reading them and I could not put them down once I started reading.

    When the Hardy Boys TV show starring Parker Stevenson & Shaun Cassidy as the Hardy brothers were shown in the erly 80s, I did not miss one episode, but still, the TV series was not as good as reading the books.

    Here's a trivia question: Do you remember the name of the actress who played Nancy Drew in the "Nancy Drew Mysteries" TV show?
  • Here's a trivia question: Do you remember the name of the actress who played Nancy Drew in the "Nancy Drew Mysteries" TV show?

    that would be Pamela Sue Martin. tama ba?
  • HulkHulk PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I've also read the ear;y books of the casefiles kung saan namatay si Iola in the first book. By the way what happened to their friends particularly Chet Morton. Di ko maalala if one of them turned against the Frank & Joe.
  • i remember my HS days.. i used to read Nancy Drew books before.. oh geez, those were the days na usung-uso pa as in everyday reading material yung mga to and also books of S.Sheldon.. :)
  • Let me add my voice to the growing number of people who admitted to reading the books in their younger years.

    The first bookI read was THE MYSTERY OF THE SCREECHING OWL. Of all the Hardy Boys books, I like THE SHATTERED HELMET best, not because it introduced the readers to Greek custom and legends that surround the mystery of the helmet, but because I was drawn to the cover of this book, which features an Alexander The Great-like head gear. The book was okay as far as generic Hardy Boys books go. I like Frank Hardy because of his level-headedness, although my girlfriend told me that I remind her of the impetuous and brash Joe Hardy. Chet Morton was the male equivalent of Bess Marvin in the Nancy Drew series.

    The characters were really archetypes, in the truest psychological way! Even their parents were post World War II (typical) parents with very optimistic views of the future while harboring subtle dread of a nuclear threat. The boys' girlfriends (Iola and Callie) were as nondescript as the boyfriends of Nancy Drew, George Fayne and Bess Marvin in the Nancy Drew series.

    As for the Nancy Drew books, my favorite was THE CLUE OF THE LEANING CHIMNEY which was all about a very rare Chinese vase that was stolen and how the chimney became a secret passageway for intruders. Though the Hardy Boys series were full of adventure, the Nancy Drew stories have more imagination in their stories, especially THE MYSTERY AT LILAC INN, THE MYSTERY OF THE 99 STEPS, THE MESSAGE IN THE HOLLOW OAK and BUNGALOW MYSTERY. In fact the first few books were quite incredibly good for the genre.

    Nancy's sleuthing and risky undertakings were nicely held in check by the absence of a biological mother. A housekeeper (Hannah Gruen) became the symbol of a cozy home in the series. Her friends were as archetypally distinct as the Hardy Boys'. George Fayne is tomboyish yet not a lesbian (as evidenced by her boyfriend's presence -- how typically 1950s!), while Bess Marvin represents traditional femininity with her soft and nurturing touch, with a flair for fear, safety and charm.

    I didn't really go into the Bobbsey Twins because I was busy reading all the titles for Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I read one book featuring the Dana Girls (Jean and Louise) with Nancy Drew author Carolyn Keene as writer.

    I heard that the newer editions are modern updates with modern settings and concerns. I would love to read a few, but I dont think that it might generate the same amount of excitement and anticipation as the original titles. Besides I was at an irresponsibly young age when I read it. Now I am mostly irresponsible. :lol:
  • i absolutely adore the gorgeous hardy boys and the two hunks, the hardy boys. i dont find nancy lame but i think she is brilliant. my fave nancy drew mystery is " the mystery of the 99 steps" , "the moonstone castle msytery", ""the clue in the jewel box", " the clue of the whistling bagpipes", "the secret of the golden pavillion" and "the haunted showboat". as for the hardy boys, i love the last " the sting of the scorpion."

    i am quite saddened by the fact that most kids todday read the harry potter and the lord of the rings series. the appreciation for the old classics is quite fading.
  • Originally posted by HeNrY_SiXtEeN

    i am quite saddened by the fact that most kids todday read the harry potter and the lord of the rings series. the appreciation for the old classics is quite fading.

    Truth is, Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS series were first published in the late 1930s unlike JK Rowling with her recent Harry Potter series. Long before Carolyn Keene and Franklin Dixon revolutionized the cult of young sleuths for the younger generation, Tolkien was already making waves with his tales about elves, hobbits, trolls, dwarves. With due respect, but reading LOTR is an appreciation of the classics.
  • heeh......i remember being addicted to hardy boys books when i was in the 3rd-4th grade..........i used to have quiet an impressive collection of hardy boys books.............

    .....other books i used to love during my elementary days were the famous five and the five by Enid blyton(?)...........
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by rors

    ey, uptowngirl. can i just say that i used to see you frequently in the library in our elementary days reading nancy drew? then i'd see you hide some nancy drew books so that others won't be able to borrow.... nde, joke lang!:D

    Langhya ka rors! :bop:

    May Nancy Drew books ba sa libe natin? I used to buy my own books eh! :redgrin:
  • Originally posted by vproject
    I'm looking for the books in which Nancy and the HB first met...I believe the title was Super Sleuths.

    is this a series..???

    i have one book .........w/c is basically a compilation of 7 short stories.......but in the first story talagang magkakakilala na sila....
  • :bookish:
    i started reading Nancy Drew mystery stories when i was in grade 4. i read my first book (the secret of the old clock) at the library. i eventually became addicted to it, and started reading all the volumes that were available at the library. i even became friends with the librarian because i frequently used my library card, and i used up 3 cards in 1 school year! :toohappy:
    i bought the books which were not available at the library, and borrowed some from my classmates, too. i even have a copy of the Nancy Drew Cook Book and Super Sleuth :blush:

    my favorite mystery stories were:

    ...The Clue in the Crossword Cipher :eyecrazy:
    ...The Spider Sapphire Mystery :rollingeyes:
    ...The Mysterious Mannequin :looking:
    ...The Witch Tree Symbol
  • nakakaitak ngayon kasi wala na akong mabili na nacy drew and hardy boys an perback. i currently have 9 copies sa house ng nancy drew.

    i have :
    #2 : the Secret Staricase
    #17 : the Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk
    #32 : the Scarlet Slipper Mystery
    #35 : The Haunted Showboat
    #36 : the Secret of the Golden PAvillion
    #39 : the Clue of the Dancing Puppet
    #40 " the Moonstone Castle Mystery
    #41 : the Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes
    #43 : the Mystery of the 99 Steps

  • Originally posted by Sleepless6
    I am indifferent to the Hardy Boys series. I disliked Nancy Drew. And detested the the Bobbsey Twins.

    I remember two books from the series: "House on a Cliff," which was the first I read; and "As The Clock Ticks," which is the only one I actually enjoyed.

    My only other memories of the books is their smell. They all seemed to smell funny, for some reason.

    [This message has been edited by Sleepless6 (edited 07-10-2000).]

    yeah! i definitely agree with you...the smell of those old hardbound books hehehe...mostly were hardy boys i can't remember those titles though i've read a lot of em when i was a kid...i used to borrow 2-3 books at a time in our library...
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