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Favorite Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew book



  • It has to be "The Clue of the Velvet Mask" , "Phantom of Pine Hill" and "The Mysterious Mannequin". I like the books that makes Nancy use her brains istead of coincedences wherein she gets useful evidence. I liked the Velvet Mask kasi nahirapan talaga siya doon. "The Phantom of PIne Hill" appeals to me kasi si Bess at least may nagawa at hindi spineless like in the other books...
  • I was absolutely addicted to The Hardy Boys Series. As a second or third grader, I rented Hardy Boys books from our library at the rate of one a day, almost. I'd head home from school, crack open what I'd borrowed for that day, and be done with it by evening.

    My favorite Hardy Boys book has remained the first that I ever read, "The Shattered Helmet." I don't remember the mystery anymore--something about an ancient Greek helmet--but I remember the sudden realization I had, after finishing that book, that reading was an exciting thing. "The Shattered Helmet" singlehandedly got me hooked on reading (so I probably should blame it for my severe nearsightedness today, as well). To some extent, "The Shattered Helmet" may even be responsible for my extreme fondness for Mediterranean food today--I remember being obsessed with baklava after reading about it there--though that may be stretching it. All I know is that I was reading Hardy Boys books at an age when I was just beginning to figure out who I was, what I enjoyed doing, when I was only beginning to think on my own. Silly as it may sound, that series greatly influenced me.
  • I am indifferent to the Hardy Boys series. I disliked Nancy Drew. And detested the the Bobbsey Twins.

    I remember two books from the series: "House on a Cliff," which was the first I read; and "As The Clock Ticks," which is the only one I actually enjoyed.

    My only other memories of the books is their smell. They all seemed to smell funny, for some reason.

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  • I used to love Hardy Boys but now i don't because I didn't like the case file series...but i remember having the Night of the Werewolf as my first ever Hardy Boys book :)
  • referring only to the hard-bound ones (the case files are boring), i like tapping heels, larkspur lane & the whistling bagpipes.
  • The best Nancy Drew book I ever loved was The Ghost of the Blackwood Hall! :cool:
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    i believe they still sell Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys in bookstores but it's so expensive na unlike before when you could buy a couple with a 100 bucks. now ata, more than P100 na ang isa kaya rin wala nang masyadong bumibili. saka mga kids ngayon iba na gusto. i grew up reading Nancy Drew and i even have a collection. mga little girls ngayon hilig na puro kalandian at kakikayan.
  • just wanted to bump this now that there are re-releases of Hardy Boys hard-bounds (1-53(?)). it costs about 125 pesos in Goodwill and a lot dearer in National. don't know about Nancy Drew if it was re-released.
  • Spoiler Alert!

    Those who intend to read the Hardy Boys Casefiles are advised not to read this post.

    my fave is hardy boys casefiles no. 1 and 4. sa number 1, namatay si Iola morton, ung gf ni joe. sa no. 4 may lumabas na clone. hindi na ako updated ngayon kse iba na binabasa ko.

    gusto ko rin ung nancy drew and hardy boys super mystery. grabe po. kilig ako konti don sa affair nina nancy and frank. may isang issue na nagkiss sila. i forgot the title na. complete ako ng hardy boys casefiles 1-50. yung 51-100, kulang- kulng. ung supermystery, halos lahat meron ako. hiram kayo sa kin o bilhin nyo! hehehe

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    ei... dami ko nang nabasa na HB at ND books.

    I almost completed reading HB 1-50 kasi halos kumpleto yung collection sa HS library. And it was still in 1950's hardbound! Mas matanda pa sa kuya ko yung mga libro! And they're still alive!

    As for me, Hardy Boys pa rin...
  • this thread is so cool! really takes me back to the days when i used to be happy and contented to just open a new Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book.

    I remember I liked Nancy Drew more than the Hardy Boys because I thought it was kinda cool for one girl to solve all those mysteries, even if she did had some help from George, Bess, Ned, Burt and Dave (even her Dad and Hannah Gruen!) once in a while. My favorite definitely is the Mystery of the 99 steps. It was one of the first I read, I think. I loved it so much because it was set in France. And I remember it really got me into the number 9. (You have to have read it so you'll know what I'm talking about.)

    I also loved The Quest for the Missing Map, The Spider Sapphire Mystery and the Mystery in the Crossword Cipher.

    If you'll notice, what's common about these titles that I love was that Nancy and her friends got to travel to exotic places to solve the mystery.:) hanep di ba?!

    Sa Hardy Boys naman, I liked their first mystery, I think it was The Tower Treasure or something. I also loved What Happened at Midnight (kasi title pa lang, intriguing na, e) and The Yellow Feather Mystery.

    daepaken - ikaw pa, e di mo nga ako mapahiram ng John Grisham mo! but i agree, sobrang galing nung Super Mysteries. Kilig din ako dun sa supposed romantic involvement nina Frank and Nancy. My favorites are Mystery Train (galing nito, they solve a mystery while travelling from their town to San Francisco on, you guessed it, a train), Evil in Amsterdam (they have to save George's friend in, yup, the Netherlands) and Best of Enemies.

    i think what's so special about these books was that they really captured our imagination and made us want to live their lives. when i was around twelve or thirteen, i looked forward to being 18 because then you'll get to do more "adult things," like what the HB and ND did. Now that I'm 21, I'd like to think I'm more mature, but i hope I don't lose my love for these fictional characters.

    as long as there're Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, i'll keep reading them!

    Peace! :cool:

  • nostalgia, nostalgia.
    I read nancy drew books in elementary. she was my mother's number 1 enemy bec instead of doing my chores, i read her . sometimes, i stay up until 12 mdnight just to get to the bottom of the mystery.
    the librarians in my school knew me because i used to borrow a nancy at 8 am, return it at lunch, borrow again, return it at 4:30 pm and then borrow again. so that amounts to three books per day ( i think ive read all the yellow hardbound nancy drews in the library). no wonder my math grades were lousy. oh! i shouldnt blame the books, my math grades are always lousy.
    the first book ive read was about the secret of the 13th pearl. my favorites are 99 steps, the mysterious mannequin, the one with the music notes on the wall, spider sapphire and crossword cipher.
    anybody here saw episodes of the 70's nancy drew and hardy boys (with david cassidy)? i coundnt understand why the creators of the new nacy drew made her a brunette. it amounts to blasphemy, i think.
  • lone striker, oo nga! favorite ko din yung The 13th pearl. i just have to say na ito yung book na lagi ko binabasa pag umuulan. ewan ko ba kung bakit, basta kapag umuulan, i plop down on the bed and start reading this book. weird no?:D
  • Nancy Drew:

    The Thirteenth Pearl.

    The Password to Lakspur Lane.
    (bluebells diba?)

    The Mysterious Mannequin.

    Hardy Boys:

    Mark On The Door
  • Originally posted by Lone striker

    anybody here saw episodes of the 70's nancy drew and hardy boys (with david cassidy)? i coundnt understand why the creators of the new nacy drew made her a brunette. it amounts to blasphemy, i think.

    are you referring to the hardy boys show where parker stevenson played joe? :beam: i was too young to understand the shows then, but i remember thinking that the older brother was so dull, mas fun kasama yung younger brother. :glee:

    i loved the artwork on the thirteenth pearl hardcover book. that was the last book in the original nancy drew series, right? but i liked hardy boys more... the old nancy drew books had her wearing gloves and stockings pa... and the way they talked was old-fashioned. and i liked the hardy boys' barkada (chet, phil, tony, biff) more than nancy drew's gang. :)
  • Originally posted by uptowngirl
    meron pa atang casefiles Doc, pero ang gusto ko yung hardbound.... yun yung masarap kolektahin...yung old books. :D
    ey, uptowngirl. can i just say that i used to see you frequently in the library in our elementary days reading nancy drew? then i'd see you hide some nancy drew books so that others won't be able to borrow.... nde, joke lang!:D
  • nancy drew - Magnolia Mansion

    hardy boys - darn, i love em too.

    but that's way back in high school.

    ang hindi lang talaga maka-capture ng aking interest noon eh sweet valley high. never hooked up with them. geez, so cheesy.
  • vprojectvproject PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I also have the Super Mysteries. It was entertaining seeing the Frank-Nancy-Ned love triangle unfolding. Even though Nancy remained w/ Ned, Ned still gets pretty jealous whenever Frank's around.

    I also have a collection of Supermysteries. I also have 2 books of Hardy Boys w/ Tom Swift. He(Tom) is like the Jonny Quest of the literary world.

    I'm looking for the books in which Nancy and the HB first met...I believe the title was Super Sleuths.

    I started reading HB and ND waaay back in 86. I was in second grade and our school had a complete collection of the hardbounds..sigh..I wonder if they're still there?
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