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what's the kind of life you want to achieve in the next 10 years?



  • nagpapa_kyutnagpapa_kyut PEx Rookie ⭐
    after 10 years...32 na ko nun...

    may asawa na ko...

    kambal na anak...(wish ko lang)

    hindi na ko teacher..kasi may sarili na kong skul...(hahahaha!!!)
  • In ten years, I would..

    Have my MA from some hotshot university abroad.

    Teach special kids.

    Be HAPPILY married and still insanely in love with my "future" husband.

    Have a good, comfortable home all fixed up by moi.

    Have my own car.

    Be able to afford to go on vacations regularly.

    Have a healthy bank account.

    Among others... Sigh. Sana nga magkatotoo lahat ng to. :D
  • Gosh, before ten years are up, dapat natupad ko na yung dream ko to have that European tour!

    waahhh... naiinggit talaga ko sa mga nagwo-work sa parte ng mundo na yun!
  • - finish my course and top the bar exam *okay*
    - own and live to a condo unit (alone)
    - have a car
  • in 10 years....own my house, business, car and financially stable...:)
  • ...the same kind of life i have right now...plus a nice beach house ;)
  • Hmmm...

    Have a job that I enjoy generally
    Have good friends who I can be at my funnest with
    Have a healthy happy relationshp -do I want to get married? hmmm
    To be able to look back and laugh.
  • In ten years, I hope to find a boyfriend.
    He may not be perfect, but he will be the guy that's meant for me.

    I don't think I will be rich in ten years.
    I think my life will be the same, just a little change.
    Like having a job and a little money to live. Hope so!
  • lovapaloozalovapalooza PEx Rookie ⭐
    flimmmeryrose74, natouch po ako sa message niyo. Ambait niyo po talaga....
  • ahyen wrote: »
    In the next 10 years I would like to....

    Own a house just enough for 2-4 people

    own a car

    live in complete freedom

    buy what I want (within what I can afford, of course)

    have a stable and fun job

    have a BETTER President

    have BETTER governance & judicial system

    have BETTER COPS

    OMIT CORRUPT OFFICIALS, they should be hanged! :D

    LOW PESO-DOLLAR devaluation

    LOW GAS prices


    be a good citizen of the republic even though its hell already....

    kayo? what kind of life would you like to live in the next 10 years?

    same dn ng sau ahyen... gnyan dn ang gusto kong machieve sna in the next 10 yrs ahead... ska gusto ko xempre my family n ko.. at mksma ko png parents ko and mkta p nla mga apo nla and also my pamangkins n rn... :)

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  • flimmmeryrose74, you are definitely the best --and better than any animals in the forum ---female dogs included :)

    the kind of life I want to achieve in the next 10 years -I want to be the president of our business.. I want it to flourish very much.. and I want to have a harem for hot chicks! Plus more parties and more shopping malls to go to...
  • bronxdudebronxdude PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i wud be 32 by then....

    - my own house

    - my own business

    - i hope to be in the arms of the person who loves me unconditionally.

    - travelled to some countries

    - have a new place for my parents

    - a nice and comfortable life for my sisters
  • 10 yrs from now...

    i have my own house...

    live independently...

    isa na kong chef somewhere..o sa mga lugawan lang sa kalye

    artista na ko or ramp/tv model na ko...or kung hindi man....baliw na ko with frustrations....

    lahat na ng body parts ko retokado....

    addict na ko sa steroids....

    ginagawa ko nang candy ung protein/amino supplements

    dessert ko bangkok pills...

    hobby ko na ung boulimia...

    ang ligo ko chemical peel...hehhehehe

    pagwala pa ring success dun....tambay na lang sa kalye...
  • In ten years, I want to graduate in College.
    Have a decent lifestyle, my own apartment, having a professional job, car, and a boyfriend!
  • farkasfarkas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    in 10 yrs i want to have my own house, business, car, family and of course a mistress! :lol:
  • - freaking rich!!
    - a bit famous (people know my name and what great deeds ive done, but not how i look like)
    - a very loyal, loving, sexy, devoted wife
    - healthy kids
    - in-laws/other family members who constantly invent new ways to milk me (but alas they wont get any)
    - a challenging, rewarding job in life science that will impact the lives of millions of people
    - awards reaped at a young age
  • Dito ko lang isheshare to ha;-) 10 years from march 24 siguro 10 years nako nun :rotflmao: sana by that time natupad ko na or either malapit ko ng matupad mga dreams ko pra kay mama un lang naman. And by that time sana marami pa akong matulungan at sana mapagtapos ko muna ng pag-aaral mga brother ko since un talaga ang promise ko sa dad ko bago sya sumakabilang buhay. I think saka na ung mas mataas pang dreams pag natupad ko na yang mga yan:-)
  • sa kin, malamang-- naka sex ko na si jessica alba nyan. at masayang nag aalaga sa mga anak namin. . hahahahah!
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