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what's the kind of life you want to achieve in the next 10 years?



  • ^ :lol:

    Well, in 10 years, I wish some of my dreams already came true. :)
  • wish ko lang yung simple at tahimik na buhay..... :)
  • i hop by dat tym i hv nah my own family...bsta happy kme...
  • after 10 yrs.
    gusto ko successfull na ako
    then gusto ko lahat ng mga kapatid ko professional na lahat
    may sariling sasakyan
    may sariling nang bahay
    may sariling na kotse.................
    hehehehehe grabe naman,,,,,,,,,,,(:
  • SweetkaySweetkay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    - my son will be enrolled in a good school

    - we have our own place

    - we have a car

    - we have at least P1M in the bank for emergency purposes

    - we're still married
  • The Life of a Zillionaire................
  • mintymalonemintymalone PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    be financially stable and have a job I'm happy with
  • -own house
    -to travel
  • -own house
    -to travel
  • ...world peace and elimination of poverty- oops, pang Miss Universe reply 'ata yun! he-he Seriously, with God's guidance, I'd like to have a part in helping Philippines. Not sure yet in what capacity. The normal charitable donations are great but it seems more is needed. The Philippines have the talent and motivation. What it is lacking is capital and the availability of enough opportunities for meaningful self-employment. This way, you don't add to the people looking for jobs; you'll be providing them. Sarap mag-isip noh? Tulungan nyo na lang akong magdasal na sana mangyari 'to. At sana maraming nag-iisip ng similar plans who are currently living outside the country. :)
  • nice replies guys! keep it comiing!
  • have my own house and lot car and a healthy family...
  • I would like to semi-retire and teach at a college full-time. I'd do it even for free. I just love to teach and share knowledge.
  • 10 years?... I'll be 23 so...... sana lang talaga ay...

    - gradweyt na ako...
    - marami na ako naiipon (sa kakuriputan ko ba naman ngayon.. hehe)
  • hmm well all of us do have a dream... ako i want to be in paris also.. or maybe in u.s. with my family,,and my own family as well..have a stable job... or business... cars.. simple house... haaaay.... ewan.. basta now..andon ako sa point na.. im starting to focus on what i shoul do...para my dreams will come true.. tnx tnx :)
  • naughtnaught PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Docotoral Degree in Physics
    Been to Mayan, Aztec Ruins pati na yung iba na nasa Latin America
    May magandang bahay sa Tuscanny with a big Library
    Tapos kung talagang may pera na ako I will teach kahit for free.. I love Teaching :)
  • i want to have at least P1.5 M in savings, derived solely from my hardwork. that does not yet include money i've invested, or money i've spent on appreciating assets.

    i want to have my own profitable business. preferrably a fashion line and boutique, among others.

    i'd want to be a published writer. and release an independent album of my old band.

    i'd want to be in a long-term stable relationship, preferrably happily married.

    i'd want to have enough extra cash to spend on travelling and entertainment. i'd want to go have dinner and a movie out at least once or twice a week, and maybe vacation outside the country once every year or at most, every two years.

    these are all wishes of course. bottomline is, i want to be happy when i'm 30 (10 years from now). hopefully that will include everything above, but i'd be fine with simply living comfortably. :)
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    In the next 10 years I want to be or want to have...

    a successful architect/chef

    have a couple of houses one in nice quiet village, a vacation house in anavaya cove and a condo...although i dunno why because I plan to migrate.

    I can afford to buy anything I want...as in sky is the limit, for shopping, cars and travelling (as in tipong...ay bili akong kotse today...promise my aunt is like this!)

    have my own company (in hospitality AND construction) and a foundation (for elders and children)

    and be happy with myself and my family and hopefully with my golden retriever diego...goodluck sa kanya haha.
  • melquiadesmelquiades PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    natanong na to sa kin when i was fresh from college..pero till now.. ala naman ako na attain... :(

    well.. here another one for the next ten years

    by next year.. this year dapat matapos ko ng msca, linux exams ko.. dapat this year... complete mcsa, linux, ccna certified na ko...

    then by next year.. hoping na makapag abroad na.. probably for three years will do.. while abroad.. mag hahanap ng gf... wife to be.... at mag iipon...

    so after three years.. babalik sa pinas.. para magpatayo ng apartment.. at bahay.. akin apartment at bahay..ei!1 i dont want to be working all my life.. a corporate slave!!

    then ill get married... time to settle down.. ill be 33 then...

    probably network admin na ko after sometime inclusive of the dates

    i have 6 years more to have children...

    that's for the whole ten years
  • i'll be 34 so i should have my BSN, probably working part time while getting my MSN to make mortgage payments. still happily married raising two teenage kids 13 and 14 who bring home good grades (wishful thinking). i should have the time to go to the gym while doing all those things without taking ritalin!!
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