Books turned into movies

BostsipBostsip Mark 11:24 PExer
There are some movies that are better than the books they were based from:

Empire of the Sun

There are movies which are equally nice as the books they were lifted from:

The Jurassic Park

But, there are movies which do not give justice to the books..
The Lost World

What do u think?


  • tsaditsadi Administrator PEx Moderator
    ow, has anyone read "Message in a Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks ??? ... bigay naman kayu ng feedbacks o :) ... hanggang sa movie lang kase ako kase ang mahal ng book, hehehe ...
    ang "The Notebook" ni Nicholas Aparks rin ang ganda ... :)

    isa pa, ive also read "The Bicentennial Man" by Isaac Asimov nung high school ako ... i still remember how the story once touched me, i liked it so much :) ... but, i never saw the movie :(, i missed it by a day sa moviehouse, hehe, sa mga nakapanood, was it good ?
  • bing2xbing2x Lavander&Lilac PExer
    kiss the girls - parang kulang or minadali sya na ewan ko ba!
    basta no justice to the book talaga.. though ashley judd
    was good as 'kate mctiernan' and morgan freeman
    as 'alex cross'..
    if it was me - i would've cast denzel as alex and
    michael clark duncan fits the 'john sampson' character.

    the bone collector - was a good movie, but i haven't read the book yet.
    same with schindler's list.
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    "The Scarlett Letter" starring Demi Moore. The plot was totally screwed around with and I didn't appreciate the changes. The novel itself was pretty depressing but that was what gave it it's touch. The movie just added more sex than what was portrayed in the novel. It was the worse two hours I've ever sat trough.
  • tsaditsadi Administrator PEx Moderator
    The Godfather by Mario Puzo ... the movie was nowhere near compared to the book ... basta, super danda talaga ang book, tapos ang dami mo pang ma pick up na lines sa book na pweding gamitin as "quotable quotes" ... specially those said by Michael Corleone

    A Time To Kill by John Grisham ... i like the movie better, mas maganda kase ang ending ng movie, sa book kase, the case was won thru a speech done by a member of the jury during deleberation ... while sa movie, it was won by a very powerfull closing statement done by lawyer Jake Brigance (tapos danda pa ni Ashley Judd, ahihihi :D)

    yun lang po :)
    It is a fact that novels turned into movies can never be given enough justice because a novel is usually read about 8 to 12 hours whereas a movie is cut into a movie of about two hours length only.

    In the adaptation , something is missing or something gets lost

  • Orion D.Orion D. ex-MODE-rator PExer
    Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy
    >; Jude, starring Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

    The movie "JUDE" was shown here as "BARE..."
  • bing2xbing2x Lavander&Lilac PExer
    awful book turned into an equally awful movie..
    the chamber
    eye of the beholder

    seen the movies - haven't read the book
    primal fear
    pressumed innocent
    the firm
    the pelican brief
    interview with a vampire

    also, fairytales turned into disney movies..

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  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    tsadi, I read Nicholas Sparks The Notebook! It is a heartwarming story. Sad and joyful at the same time. :)

    For me, the movie Rising Sun did justice to Michael Crichton's novel. :)
  • BostsipBostsip Mark 11:24 PExer
    Bing2X.. I can't agree with u more. Sobra..The chamber (book) was soooo dragging..and the movie was so boring too.
    -->; I read and watched Congo. Parang ibang-iban ang movie (as usual) from the book. But pareho silang exciting, though the book has more action.

    The Firm book is NICE! It's personally one of my fave Grisham books. The movie version kasi parang sinensentionalize nila masyado yung plot.

    The Pelican Brief--so, so...weird kasi sa book the role played by Denzel Washington is a white man..

    The Godfather: both the book and the movie are great! lots of violence!!! (ehhe)I would not forget the HORSE incident--classic

    I wanna see kung paano nilang gawing movie yung "The Lord of the Rings"..super siguro sa Effects...

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  • KeyserSozeKeyserSoze Member PExer
    Let's see here are some books that I have read that have been turned into movies

    Jurassic Park-It's quite good for a movie
    THe Lost World-The book is better than
    Jurassic Park the book...the
    movie was ..well..u saw it.
    Eaters of the Dead-The book was good but the
    Movie was better! Starring
    Antonio Banderas: Movie
    Title: The 13th Warrior
    Sleepers-Probably the best books Ive read;
    the movie was pretty much ok Star-
    ring Jason Patric, Brad Pitt, Robert
    de Niro
    Sphere-The book gave me DAYmares; the movie
    made me sleep.
    Congo-Lame book, lame movie
    The Hunt For Red October-Fantastic Book;
    Good movie
    Ill be back........

  • EternaEterna Chances Are PExer
    the list of books i would rather read than watch the movie:

    1.Somewhere in Time
    2.The Firm
    3.The Pelican Brief
  • KeyserSozeKeyserSoze Member PExer
    Kasama ba Shakespeare dito?
  • BostsipBostsip Mark 11:24 PExer
    Sure!? Why not shakespeare..

    Ayaw ko ng ROMEO and JULIET nina Leo and Claire Danes but i like the ROMAN Polanski version better

    I like Macbeth (yung luma)
    and yung LOOKING FOR RICHARD!!
  • vijdaqvijdaq bisayang dako PExer
    Sophie's Choice is a pretty dragging novel until you reach the midle part. I'm not knocking William Styron; he's a great writer and the novel begins that way because of the technical problems it has set for itself. I just couldn't get into it that easily. But it picks up in the middle and goes on to a bravura finish.

    The movie was great. Meryl Streep was ideal as Sophie. Her Eastern European accent was absolutely convincing. Kevin Kline and Jimmy McNichol also did justice to their roles.

    Styron's novel dared combine American Southern Gothic with Jewish angst and the horror of the Holocaust. Before that I had the vague idea that writers had to keep in touch with their roots: American Southerners had to stick to Gothic themes ? la Faulkner and only Jewish writers could write about the Holocaust. And I had the idea that Filipino writers couldn't stray too far from the carabao and the coconut tree. That sounds silly, but it's true. Styron showed me that all things are interconnected, it's all part of the human experience, and the only limits a writer need fear are the limits of his own imagination.
  • dakidaki Gwapohon PExer
    well how about THE GODFATHER - Mario Puzo

    Message In The Bottle - Nicholas Sparks

    Nothing Last Forever - Sidney Sheldon

  • bugsbunnybugsbunny ONE BIG FIGHT! PExer
    technically i dont read books na were already turned into movies. ewan ko kung bakit...
    pero there are some books na i read before it was made into a movie pa...
    1. Jurassic Park - loved the book and the movie? it was ok..
    2. The Client - k lang both
    3. A Time To Kill - loved the book, havent watched the movie
    4. Flowers In The Attic - loved both
    5. Bata Bata Pano Ka Ginawa - mas gusto ko pa rin yung libro...pero magaling si Vilma Santos tsaka yung 2 bata...
    6. Rising Sun - kahit na naandun si Sean Connery at si Wesley Snipes, maganda pa rin ang libro...

    ano pa ba? these are some books-into-movies na nauna kong basahin ang libro kesa panuorin ang mas nagustuhan ko ang libro... angel.gif
  • oRanGe555oRanGe555 Member PExer
    Usually, the novels are way, way better than the movies they were made into. But, there are exceptions to this rule. I've heard that Bridges of Madison County the movie was better than the novel. I can't attest to that since I haven't read the novel yet. Schindler's List was also much better as a movie than as a novel. The novel was dragging and wasn't too descriptive. And all those German and Jewish terms left my head spinning.

  • sLaYeRsLaYeR agit & hayuf ½ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the book love story by erich seagal was as good as the movie...both made me cry!!!
  • frenzyfrenzy Certified PExAdik PExer
    The Firm
  • The Neverending Story --- only the first one was nice. :)
    As for the book...much better! kinda long, but both movies don't even have half of what you'll be reading from the book.

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