Good Suspense/Thriller Books

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
I need your recommendations, bookworms! What suspense/thriller books should I get? I want something really unpredictable, something that will keep me guessing until the last chapter (if it's a whodunit type of book.)

I've noticed these are the popular suspense/thriller authors in Powerbooks. What can you say about them?

1. John Sandford
2. Tami Hoag
3. Iris Johansen
4. Patricia Cornwell
5. Michael Connelly

Btw, has anyone read "An Instance of the Fingerpost"?


  • chez-ochez-o Bollywood Icon PExer
    stephen king...

  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    chez-o: I've read most of his books and I'd like to stay away from his horror books for a while. I did get his The Green Mile recently. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, though. Is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon a horror novel?
  • davanitadavanita chunky PExer
    Ada: John Sandford is good! If you like serial-killer type of novels. He's my sister's and my fave writer that we have all his books. I suggest his first "Prey" series book, "Rules of Prey". It's not exactly a whodunit but "how-do-they-get-the-killer" type. Once you start reading hem, I'm sure you'll be hooked too.

    I actually don't like Stephen King too much. Parang tsambahan ang books niya. Hindi lahat maganda, bilang lang.

    Anywayz, happy reading, Ada!
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    John Grisham novels are definitely suspenseful! Although they lean towards more legal cases and such, they're really good reads. If you've seen the movie versions of his novels ("The Firm", "The Client", "The Pelican Brief", "The Rainmaker", "A Time To Kill", etc.) and you loved them, pick up a copy of the book, it's ten times better!

    Agatha Christi is also great with mystery and solving them. My favorite is "And Then There Was One". She also has a lot of continuing series, kinda like Nancy Drew but with more dangerous plots and greater advetures. And her novels are usually always unpredictable.

    If you think you can stomach demons and guts, try the Anne Rice novels. I used to read them religiously, then I got a clue and decided they were far too gruesome for me to really enjoy.

    Good luck and enjoy! Lemme know what you think about them when you get a chance to read.

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  • Kaboom!Kaboom! Administrator PExer
    Grisham's books really are better and more suspensful than his movies. There's a reason why he's made millions off his writing ability. I always get dissapointed in the movie versions.

    I also love reading Michael Crichton. Although the last book of his I've read was "Airframe", he's one of the better suspense writers out there for me. A lot of his work also get coverted to movies.

  • KamatayanKamatayan PExer
    Try the books of Mark Frost "The List Of Seven" and "Six Messiahs", it's a detective/thriller cum horror mix. Creepy and well paced...

    David Morell's books are also good...
  • chez-ochez-o Bollywood Icon PExer
    ada: the girl who loved tom gordon is good.....parang blair witch: a girl got lost in the
    i also recommend balck and blue by anna quindlen
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    davanita: I'm currently reading "Eyes of Prey." If I like it, I might get more of Sandford's books.

    I agree with what you said about King. I've read a lot of his books but enjoyed very few of them. Sometimes he spoils a good story with a really lousy ending.

    sampaguita: Grisham's books are okay but I stopped reading them after I read The Chamber. It was so awful I wanted to burn it. Same thing with Anne Rice. I quit reading her books after Lasher. It was pure torture as well.

    I think I've read one of Christi's books but I didn't enjoy it much so I stayed away from her. Got any titles you'd recommend?

    Kaboom!: Love Crichton too! He's so versatile. I was quite disappointed with Terminal Man, though, so I haven't read any of his books since.
  • TelcontarTelcontar aka Strider PExer
    I like Stephen King, John Grisham and of course my favorite Tom Clancy.
  • VerxenoVerxeno Member PExer
    Tom Clancy... what can I say but I agree with Telcontar.

    Telcontar: You got taste man!!!!

    As for Clancy the reason I like his books is because of the way he explains the tech details of the equipments used in the story.

    And he really knows how to spin a story out of some incidents which happens in real life.

  • davanitadavanita chunky PExer
    Ada: Eyes of Prey is actually the first Sandford book I read, and it's good! Hope you get hooked to him as we did. So far, so good ba? :)

    I tried reading Clancy's "The Hunt for Red October"...I didn't finish it, I didn't even reached half of the book! I felt like I needed a submarine handbook while reading it. I agree that he's good at research and details, but not that much. Maybe I'm not cut out for him, or maybe it's really a guy type of book, I don't know...

    What I'm reading right now is Asimov. Only recently did I become hooked. The problem is, his best books are the first ones yata, and it's not in the market! Bummer! :(
  • KamatayanKamatayan PExer
    Davanita: You should definitely read Asimov's "Foundation Series" it's probably his best work...
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    davanita: Yep, the book is good. I hope to finish it by today.

    How about medical thrillers? Any suggestions?
  • davanitadavanita chunky PExer
    Kamats: I'm trying to, kaya lang kamalasan...the book I bought was the last one in the series pala! I saw it in book sale kasi and I didn't know it was part of a series. The first three ones...I don't know if I'll find copies pa. Paano ko mababasa? Grrrr!

    Ada: For medical thrillers, Michael Palmer (? not sure here), and Robin Cook. I don't read their books but it's highly recommended by my friend who reads them...
  • KamatayanKamatayan PExer
    Davanita: yeah haven't seen any of his first 3 books in the series being sold in stores. Sometimes I see books 4,5 and 6 pero yung first three talaga walang mahanap. I just borrowed them from a friend in fact... Sayang the first three are the best in the series...
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    Grisham isn't as gruesome as Rice, his deal a lot with realism and that's what makes his books so interesting. Maybe you may want to try another of his novels? I really enjoyed "The Runway Jury". It may even be one of my faves from him. I'm telling you, the knowledge the guy has is mind-boggling!

    As for Christi, try reading the book I mentioned above. There's also "The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side" and "Cat Amongst Pigeons". The Poirot series are interesting. I like Christi's mysteries because they deal with an older decade and a different land (usually traveling through Europe). Christi offers something different from the mystery books I'm used to.
  • PuNkChickPuNkChick Attitude Problem PExer
    tittle: Hannibal

    ganda nyan whew :)
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    sampaguita: I've read Runaway Jury and it was definitely better than The Chamber. I'll see if I can find the Christi novels you mentioned. Thanks. :)
  • acridmouthacridmouth Member PExer
    I love Robin Cook. Di ba he's the master of medical thriller books? He's really great. His one book "Outbreak" deals with an ebola outbreak in the United States. The other one "Mutation" is all about a kid, who, because of his dad's intervention to his genes, turned out to be a living nightmare to the people around him. Such thrilling books. Highly recommended. But I don't know what are his current works.

    Then of course....the master of macabre himself...Stephen King! I love Insomnia, Pet Sematary, It and Christine. He's the bomb!

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  • ZenZen Member PExer
    Ada, regarding The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon... the story's more of the girl's imagination going haywire and trying to freak herself out while she's lost and alone in the woods hehehe

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