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Anniv ideas

Hi guys. Hope you could help me out on this one. Our anniv is coming up and I have absolutely no clue what to do. Oh, btw, can you also suggest some ways to convey the idea that I really love him coz for some weird reason he still gets insecure and is not that confident that I do love him even if we're engaged already. Bottom line is that I'd like to do something on our anniv that's really special and will really prove to him that I'm his for keeps but my mind's blanked out. Any ideas? :)


  • mag cruise na lang kayo...fresh air pa...
  • hot air balloon ride! fresh air din :)

    nde nakakatakot..nde parang roller coaster.

    super serene ang feeling pagnasa taas na kayo..

  • san pwede mag hot air balloon?
  • hmmm...... ako kasi nung bday niya, nisurprised ko siya by kidnapping him..dinala ko siya sa isang hotel with matching nakasabog na petals sa floor candelight dinner, cake and red wine...bale nagrent ako ng isang room then inayos ko lahat yun before ko siya dalhin dun..then ayun after ng dinner nagswimming kami which is we both enjoyed..ayun sowbrang na surprised siya sa gift ko....tsaka me kasama na pla un na breakfast for two....:)
  • basketballerobasketballero PEx Rookie ⭐
    cook for him and give him a gift na ikaw ang gumawa.
  • Candlelit dinner cooked by you, roses, fine wine, music, sexy lingerie, the works
  • Hi guys!
    Thank you for your suggestions, I really really appreciate them!
    While reading your posts I just realized that most guys suggested I cook for him...well.. its a big prob for me coz I don't know how to cook! :bop: So sad talaga! So I've been reading up on some cookbooks and now I need help again... Ano ba masarap lutuin for him? :confused:
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