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What will you do to get your ex back?

It's been a week since we broke up and i sometimes have a feeling that i want him back... i messaged him one time but he didn't reply, i already asked my friend to call him but no feedback.. we didn't ended up bitterly, he was the one who offered the friendship but now he ain't talking to me.. dunno why...

it seems like he's hiding but i really don't know.. what i want to know is what will i do if i decided i want him back? what would guys do if you would want your ex-girlfriends back?


  • in your case, since you're the girl, you don't need to do anything. Let him come to you.

    Sa amin naman, syempre kami lalake eh...in my case, kung talagang mahal ko yung ex-girl at talagang libre naman kami pareho then why not? although bihira kasing mangyari yon eh. I guess depende na rin sa pagka-breakup. Kung hindi maganda, i won't win her back. Pero kung some other "mutual" reasons...maybe. So it will all depend if she wants me back too. Pero kung hinde, I would rather enjoy my life and look for someone else.

    Pero sa yo, baka pag samantalahan ka lang ng ex-bf mo...alam nyang ikaw yung humahabol eh. Pero ikaw lang naman nakaka-alam din kung anong klaseng pagkatao ng bf mo so it's up to you...take the hints din..you said it yourself na he's not talking to you so that means he doesn't have any feelings anymore...
  • give it time. 1 week pa lang kayo nagbreak so your bf might want some space to think. get busy and ipakita mo sa kanya na kaya mo kahit wala sya. ngayon kung talagang mahal ka nya, he will pursue you. usually may guys na pag nakita nila na okay ka, they wonder and start to realize na they shouldn't have left you at all. wag mo ipakita na you're desperate to talk wit him. let him be. in the meantime, go out wit friends or get a new hobby.
  • ok.. will do.. thanks! i might not for a long time till we see each other cguro...
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    may isang babae na gustong makipag-reconcile
    sa ex-bf nya. eh ayaw ng bf. binalaan ng babae
    na ipagtsitsismis ex-bf nya na supot sya. natakot
    at sumagot si lalake "walang bistuhan!"

    nagkabalikan si babae at si supot!


  • only time will tell if you are really meant for each other. give it time, give your ex time to think. if he doesnt come back right away, go on with your life. We do not hold the answers to most questions especially when it comes to relationships. Let go of the pain for now. But always smile when you think of all the good times you've had.
  • change...

    you don't want him/her to feel the same ****** feeling you guys have gone through.
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    maybe it's time to move on and open your heart to someone else that deserves your lovin! you'll just go crazy thinking about him
  • ei thanks for the posting guys!.. it'll be near a month already.. we still haven't talked but he texted me 'thanks' on his birthday coz i left something for him when i was out of the country.. i'm happy now even if he's gone.... and i'll be, don't need to change coz i know that it won't be me, that my friends know of..
  • I won't do anything... maglalaro na lang kami ng habulan.. iyung bang * Tag your it!*

    *peace out!*
  • nothin'.. know y? coz he's doin' evrythin just to get me back.. too bad, i don't have plans of hooking up with him ever again! :p
  • how to get him back.. maglalagay ako ng m & m candies sa door niya all the way sa door ng bahay ko.. tulad ng Hansel and Gratel.. parang trapped ba :p

  • what if its been more than months (lets say five months) na and still this guy have not talked though same village din namn kau ...... hehehehe

    ibg sahin nun in case na tmwag ka sa kanya .... he will just leave a message ... "it's done, ur on ur own" ....

  • if he really wants you, he'll come back to u.. no need to do anything. dont run after him. u dont want to look desperate, do u? tama na yung nagparamdam ka sa kanya.. dineadma ka so hayaan mo na muna. just be happy being single muna, enjoy it with ur friends and family. kung kayo talaga eh di kayo..
  • wala na kong masabi nasabi na nila lahat ng gusto kong sabihin :lol: maybe he has reasons... and kung kayo talaga, kayo talaga. time would tell. :) or ask him if you could talk..
  • farkasfarkas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ibili mo siya ng isang malupit na sports car!!!
  • find another one girl...
  • bbbbbbbbbbbb PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    GUYS would do:

    habulin ang girl, mag-makaawa, gawin lahat ng paraan para magkabalikan..

    GIRLS would do:

    intay lang... (mas mahirap gawin yan)
  • bbbbbb wrote:
    GUYS would do:

    habulin ang girl, mag-makaawa, gawin lahat ng paraan para magkabalikan..

    GIRLS would do:

    intay lang... (mas mahirap gawin yan)

    ang unfair di ba?!! dapat pede din ang girls humabol...
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    takutin mo sya ng ***** kundi sya luluhod sayo.
    sabihin mo ex-convict tatay mo dahil pinatay nya
    ang unang nag-***** sayo. pugot-ulo noh!

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • coffeebean wrote:
    ang unfair di ba?!! dapat pede din ang girls humabol...

    yes it's unfair. but less risk of getting hurt if your guy would treat you as fubu or just someone to pass the time. it's easy for a guy to say "yes, tayo ulit" while in reality he's also scouting around until someone better comes along. i'm not generalizing but it happens.

    so the best way for a girl to be sure, wait for your guy to work his way back into your good side. it doesn't make us less of a man even if we literally crawl just to get our girl back. we're the guys so we do the chase. it's expected. if he doesn't do anything to win you back, then move on.

    but if you don't have a clean break meaning all you did was lose communication based on some stupid "pride" issue, then you can try talking it out with him one last time.
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