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Big Things? Little Things?

In a relationship, as the cliche goes, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". I was discussing the issue of "small things" and "big things" with a very good friend of mine, and the two of us noted (based on our own experiences), that small things have more meaning than the "big" things for women, and men think otherwise.

I'll just give a few example of "small things". Itcould be simple gestures like texting your partner that you are home, remembering to call him/her every so often, guiding your gf as you cross the street,etc. "Big things" on the other hand are those instances wherin the guys send you flowers everyday, introducing your partner to your family and barkada, driving all the way to Laguna, to visit her when you live in Fairview, etc.

Guys and girls, ano as mas matimbang para sa inyo? Ano as mas nagpapakita na mahal mo o di kaya na mahal ka ng iyong bf or gf?

Share your opinions :) Please state kung guy or girl ka :p


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    I don't really appreciate the differentiation because as experience dictates, a relationship is dead unless it's a mix of both these big and small things.

    The small things dictate the normal pace of the relationship, the big things provide flavor. Emphasis on too little or too much of either is disastrous.
  • i think its where you want your relationship to be.. little things are just small reminders, but it doesn't dictate how your relationship would grow, but it's little things that we appreciate from the guys... and they are reminders that the guy cares for you.

    the "big things" as you've explained are those things that guys do when they are really serious in the relationship..

    it's not how you show your guy how your love him, because love is broad. just being simple and doing simple things can already say that you love the person...
  • I think it depends on the personality of your partner. (btw, guy here)
    I don't pay too much attention to little or big things as long as it's given from the heart..meaning sincere....example, kung may gf ako na alam kong hindi naman nya style yung mag text (as in your example), kahit mag text sya or hinde, it doesn't matter to me. Of course, I'll still appreciate it when she sends one. And if she gives one of the "big" things as how you would put it, again, if i know that it's just a front to impress me and parang "pilit" lang, then it's just like the ordinary. But it doesn't mean that i won't appreciate the gesture.

    It's not gonna be some sort of a guage whether she loves me or not. Mas maganda yung it's just flows naturally. Ma-fe-feel mo na naman yon eh.
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