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Thick Or Thin???

I just like to have a POV of girls/guys on doing "IT" with your VERY HEALTHY or THIN partners...

As for me, I have no experience yet with "very healthy partner" but I have done it with thin-type or skinny partner. Para siyang SAGAD SA BUTO... LAPAT NA LAPAT....

As for the VERY HEALTHY partners, may you can contribute? :confused:


  • I've had experience with both.

    healthy partner - masarap kasi malaman, i'm quite skinny before so a healthy partner neutralizes that. kaso minsan halos hindi nako makahinga when he's pressing on me too much. hindi sagabal yung weight nya kasi magaling sya mag-acrobat.

    thin partner - he does not give me that cushion that i like. pero since he's well-endowed and great in bed, carry narin. and i never feel claustrophobic when i'm in bed with him.
  • violetbabevioletbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    experienced both and i have to say i prefer someone na may laman, huwag lang obese... baka hindi na ko makahinga :eek:

    wala kasing makapitan at makagat pag uber thin ;)
  • hmmm ako medyo may muscle hehehe
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