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gusto nyo bang kinukwento ng BF or GF nyo ang Past nya?

like telling stories about his or her EX.are you comfortable with that?


  • yup! it's interesting, to say the least. :naughty: i actually love to see him squirm when he's talking about :naughty: you know...

    ngayon nga, in a mall, i could actually point out the girls that i know will attract his attention... when i'm not sure of it, i just elbow him and ask "is she cute?" he'll usually say yes, but sometimes i still miss. :lol: sometimes, he'll point out a girl and say, "she looks like ex (insert number here)." :lol:
  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i usually don't mind.

    but really, shove up the ex-talk if you can help it. more often than not, it really sounds more like a therapy session once the ex word comes in.
  • quinito...kung talagang gusto nyang ikwento, wala kang magagawa..syempre baka ma-offend naman yon kung binara mo like saying "talk to the hand"..hehehehe
  • okay lang...at least nadidiscover ko kung ano ang gusto nya at ayaw nya. ganun na din kung baket nagfail ang relationship nila. as long as over na sya sa ex nya noh.
  • hmm ok lang...hindi ko nman sya pinipilit kung ayaw nya,nasa kanya yun kung ok sa kanya na ikwento.pero oo nman,nakwento nya sakin!lolz
  • eh sa boys? ok lang ba magkwento gf nyo bout her ex or past? like they usually do before?like kissing or something like that? Girl side, i think mas understanding talaga ang mga Babae so maybe this THREAD is much appreciate by the male counterpart
  • tama ka dyan...gaya nga ng sabi ko, ok lang kahit magkwento ex-gf ko...kahit isama nya pa yung credit card number ng bf nya ok lang yon...
  • it is fine with me to talk about EXs.

    sometimes, it leads to something else pa nga eh... :)
  • Ako, I always ask.. I find it cool when he's talking about his past, as in lahat.. from his friends, exes, mga high school moments and most of the time we laugh dahil dun.. and I realize he's enjoying it and that's one of the major reasons why super open yung communication lines namin.. :)
  • OK lang.. i don't mind at least i know why they broke up... tska its part of sharing din naman e... alangan naman mga friends niya na friends mo rin mas alam ang kwento nila ng ex nya ikaw indi... parang d kayo close... e ikaw nga ang girlfriend or boyfriend e...
  • if di ko naman tinatanong, wag nya na lang kwento.
    but if tinanong ko... aba dapat ready sya magkwento :lol:
  • ok lang... noong una i get really jealous pero hindi na kasi secured naman ako sa position ko sa buhay niya...
  • depende ....
  • For me, it's okay. At least, he's willing to share things that most guys would prefer to hide. :p
  • ok lang na mag kwento sha. past naman na yun.
  • mas ok n ikwento nia ung past nia.. sometimes im d one who initiates d kuwento nga eh..

    sumtyms ayaw nia ikuwento, tpos n raw kse un... kya lng mas ok marinig kse i would know what r d mistakes of the girl behind so i wont do it again if ever and my guy would stay with me...

    ska pra me iba mapagusapn di ba? eh di ung nakaraan.. u would laugh at it na lng nmn kse tapos na..
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