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is it weird not to trust anybody?



  • me too its hard for me to trust anyone since many people have lied to me and broken promises

    sorry but im really careful now ;)
  • jra21jra21 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    People are great pretenders that's why its hard to trust anyone
  • NearNear Animal Crossing Mayor PEx Expert 🎖️
    I find it harder to doubt a person. Trusting is much easier for me.
  • di na healthy yun... di siya weird... pero it's sad... pag wala kang mapagkatiwalaan...
  • its better to be cautious rather than totally distrust every person.
  • Instincts guides you to feel at 80%, then twenty leaves you thinking
  • I suppose depends on the level.

    If you do not trust your colleagues because you do not know them too well, then thats perfectly normal.

    If, by circumstance, you do not have anybody close to when growing up then, while its a tad bit odd, i suppose its still acceptable.

    But if you constantly check your tap water for unusual minerals becoz you're thinking NAWASA cannot be trusted, then you're off your tree.
  • no, for me, not trusting anyone is not weird. it would depend on your personal experiences. if too many people betray you, then how can you trust anyone?

    i don't trust most people, the only one i absolutely trust is God.
  • the title says it all... do u guys find a person weird if he/she trusts nobody? do u think it's normal or is it not good for that person?

    di yan weird dude. hehe. reaction yan to some sort of a reason. may mga taong nagbbuild ng walls and boundaries kasi.....iba iba ang dahilan e...like ayaw nila may makapasok sa personal space nila, takot sila sa commitment, ayaw nila ng goodbyes....mga ganun. yes and hindi nga sya healthy. natatakot lang siguro ung tao na un mag-open up kasi baka hindi sya maintindihan or something.
  • ... mahirap ibuild ang trust, that's all i can say...

    maybe trust but be careful :)
  • I grew up in a situation where my dad never trusted anyone and I said to myself , when I grow up I will never be like Dad ,

    I will grow old and die with my friends surrounding me and see the world as a beautiful place.

    However the way things are going through right now and as I get older and older , nawawala na talaga yung trust bit by bit. Haaaay I really wanna go back to being a kid
  • Aranda_BayAranda_Bay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    although there are a lot of untrustworthy persons out there and many of them are actually our friends and acquaintances, I still trust other people but I calculate the risks involved and study the potential losses or damage should this trust be broken.

    Here are instances where my trust has been broken:

    Personal loans of friends.
    - sobrang sunog na ako dito. I will only loan money to my direct family.

    - been burned several times by mechanics for my motorcycles. I do research first online before bringing it to the mechanic. I also buy my own replacement parts.

    - my last two maids cheated me on advance wages (vale) so I'm putting a hold on advances unless its really life and death.

    - I was shocked when I realized some employees can nonchalantly use their kids (may sakit daw/emergency/convulsion) as an excuse to not report for work even when it's not true. I think my experience with subordinates' lies has left me jaded as far as these excuses are concerned.

    - Medyo okay naman ang honesty ng mga retailers. Pag doubtful quality ng goods nila, hindi naman nila ipipilit. They will still give you the caveat.

    Online Business Contacts
    - medyo okay naman except for some airsoft sellers. Burned!

    - badly burned. I'm partly to blame though because of greed.

    - Burned. But it's always worth the risk.
  • Yes, because you will end up alone.
  • no i don't find it weird. unless the individual makes it blatantly obvious and makes everyone feel weird and awkward. i can understand if a person chooses not to tell their secrets and personal things. but if a person is too insecure and is highly defensive--that needs to be helped.
  • Yes, it's weird not to trust ANYBODY. Imagine if someone is in such a predicament, he can't go see a doctor for medication nor ride a cab or bus or any other mode of transportation for that matter where the driver is somebody else other than him beacuse he doesn't trust people, right? Isn't that an extreme case of paranoia? Maybe I'm coming from a different context of the word and if you're referring to trust with regards to human relations, then it's normal. After all, experience is a big factor in shaping one's attitude and behaviour towards a given situtation.

    "So how do you relate with people who are suspicious of everyone around them?"

    You don't. The wise thing to do is to stay out of these people, after all, you don't want to create your own problems.
  • I dont think it's weird at all. For me, It is based on experience of individuals. It can also be affected with how the person lived all his life, with his environment, and how he coped up with different emotions he has felt.
  • SlakeSlake PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    it is not weird. it is perfectly normal. however, i do not think it is a feeling. it is more of a choice. but i would say that trusting and not being trusted in return is a case to case basis. it is an itemised discussion all in one case.

  • QubethaQubetha PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    it's not weird, that's already natural to the one person who feels that kind of emotion.kung sa tingin mo hindi man sya mapagkakatiwalaan base sa mga galaw nya towards sa iyo bakit ka mo pa patatagalin diba saka sa buhay natin iba na ang mga tao ngayon may mapagkakatiwalaan at hindi sa anumang bagay !
  • weird not to trust anybody??? no
    weird not to trust everybody?? yes

    for the most part
    trusting is good, guys
    its healthier.
  • not really, how's that weird ?? lalo sa panahon naten ngayon.
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