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is it weird not to trust anybody?



  • _LoRrAiN3__LoRrAiN3_ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It's not. But i think it's kind of unhealthy not to trust at all.
  • ako, i don't easily trust strangers, pinapakikiramdaman ko muna sya/sila. i let my intuition work first before i fully trust a person.
  • It is jus but normal..coming from previous experiences or situation that we dont trust anyone now!

  • It depends on the LEVEL of trust. It's one thing not to trust too many people with DEEPLY personal or confidential info... it's another to not trust people with very shallow info or inconsequential things. I think the latter is more along the lines of paranoia

    As for people not trusting too much with deeply personal info, it's understandable. They may have been hurt or traumatized to make them that way.
  • balutbalut PEx Rookie ⭐
    it depends on what you don't trust them with. like stated above, if you don't trust them with trivial stuff then yeah that might be wierd but if you don't trust them with deep stuff like "i got mo..lested when i was a kid" then there is nothing wrong with that.
  • naughtnaught PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Definitely its not normal and its not good to anyone.
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It's not weird that person has probably had a lot of experiences where in he was betrayed and has become cautious because he doesn'y want to get hurt. Ako I tend to be too trusting but once the trust is broken it's never gonna come back...
  • i find it really abnormal...

    ive been often wonderin if mah dad is sufferin such disorder. when i was still in HS, he never wanted me to join mah friends to go swimmin cuz he would say i might drown. he didnt even want me to go to church events!!! one time he got mad at mah mom for allowin me to go to an overnight church event. when i finished mah college he didnt want me to work in manila cuz he said it's dangerous. he didnt want me to work here in japan cuz he said there were train accidents, blah blah blah.
  • "You maybe deceived if you Trust too much...but you will live in tornment if you dont Trust enough"

    Mahirap yata yung mging bitter ka nalang sa lahat ng nangyaring betrayal syo...all your life..ako? Maraming beses nakong na betray but still I managed to trust again...In time you will be healed, but of course dapat willing ka rin 2lungan yung sarili mo na ma-heal and makalimot...at makalimot na walang pressure...ang pag limot kase para yang pag2log eh...hindi mo pwede pilitin.

    Initiative to trust other people has to come from within...napaka sarap mabuhay...minsan pag my problema ka wag ka lang tingin sa taas...tingin ka rin sa baba dun sa mga tao na masahol pa ang nangyari kesa syo..pro nakatayo...

    Try mo...you will feel VICTORIOUS...pag na overcome mo na yung experience mo and find yourself Trusting again..na parang walang nangyari...but of course this time cautious kana..coz you learned your lesson...

    But then again its your choice...if you want to live a happy life...do what is right and whats good for you...kung san ka mas mag gogrow and mas mag BEBENEFIT...but if you want to just stay there and dwell on the past everyday...and be BITTER and let each day pass without enjoying life then go ahead..its up to you....Good Luck ;)
  • nagsimula akong mawaaln ng tiwala nung elem pa ako. kaya after nun wala na akong tiwala... kahit sa sarili ko nawalan n ko ng tiwla, sa teachers ko pag binibigyan nila ako ng complement di ako naniniwla.... i was never happy because of this problem. at ngayon mukhang nasita na ang pagkaakibigan namin ng friend ko dahil s pinagiisipan ko sila ng masama.... i
  • Based on me and my family's experiences...believe me, its' never weird.
  • i dont really trust anyone... kaya nga nagging bitter ako... yeah.. aaminin ko un... minsan sa sobrang wala akong mapagkatiwalaan na tao... umiiyak na lng ako.. kc wala akong masabihan ng mga feelings ko... i have been betrayed so many times.. it really hurts... lalo na this past few days.. lagi na lng ako umiiyak... lagi ako naddepress... minsan iniisip ko na sana makahanap ako ng taong tlga nde ako lolokohin.. ung mapagsasabihan ko ng problema ko... (naiiyak na2man ako...) i really need someone... pero nde ko alam pano magtiwala ule sa mga tao... kahit sa family ko... wala akong mapagkatiwalaan... kaya madalas malungkot ako.. para nga daw akong matandang dalaga eh... kahit ung BF ko... nawawalan na ko ng trust sa kanya.. hay....
  • i think a person who doesn't trust anybody has a severe paranoia disorder...it's ok not to trust most people pero kung wala ni isa kang pinagtitiwalaan...hello! patingin ka na sa espesyalista!
  • It's not really weird. It's not normal, though.
    Pero i wouldn't blame the person if he/she doesn't trust a single person kasi ba naman sa mga panahon ngayon, dami na talagang masasamang tao and siguro from his/her experience na rin kaya sya nagkaganun. Na-disappoint na rin sya siguro a lot of times before.
  • i think for me..kung me history yung tao with infidelity issues, yung ang di dapat pagkatiwalaan.

    but how about if you love the person, but you cant trust him/her, pano magwowork out ang commitment?
  • the title says it all... do u guys find a person weird if he/she trusts nobody? do u think it's normal or is it not good for that person?

    its indeed weird. as the saying goes, no man is an island. although its best that you trust yourself the most, you need others help and to do that you need to trust them *okay*
  • Perhaps to gain one's trust we need to show we deserve that trust..
    he/she may have suffered some misconceptions about trusting..
  • ErebosErebos PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kung hindi naman katiwa-tiwala ang isang tao, hindi 'weird' na hindi siya pagkatiwalaan. Pero kung wala namang sapat na dahilan at takot ka pa ring magtiwala, 'yun ang sa tingin ko ay 'weird.'
  • the title says it all... do u guys find a person weird if he/she trusts nobody? do u think it's normal or is it not good for that person?

    everyone's entitled to their own opinion so i guess its not weird,,, pero it's not healthy either,,, there's a need to trust other people at some point (especially if one lives in a society where goods and services are being provided by other people)
  • The 2001 Random House Webster's Dictionary defines weird in the following ways:

    1. involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny
    2. fantastic;bizarre
    3. Archaic -- concerned with or controlling fate or destiny.

    If I may use this to rephrase the question, is it supernatural or unearthly or bizarre not to trust anyone? Maybe.

    In our culture, it is an expectation that whenever people make friends or friendships, there should be at least a modicum of trust that will be exchanged in the behavioral transaction. Trust in this context can be defined as an ingredient in relationships that helps bridge and even cement foundations of friendship. If people do not give their trust, it means something is probably amiss -- in the person itself or in the other person. Maybe the person in focus thinks the other person's personality is too strong or standoffish, or what-have-you. In reality, if someone won't be that open to the other person, then friendship won't be extended, isn't it? Therefore, he or she will keep the trust to himself or herself.

    Then, the person in focus stays alone.

    What in fact I'm saying is sometimes, it's really difficult to extend one's trust to other people. Previous experiences would have influenced this behavior. And this, I think, does not transcend the boundaries of what is considered "normal" in the society. I can say that such a person has "issues". But it does not mean it's totally unhealthy. "Issues" can be worked out, aren't they? Issues can be discussed between two adults who will agree to agree and disagree.

    The situation becomes problematic only if the person becomes suspicious of the other party's intention in befriending him or her, or getting close to him or her. It's like reading what's not really there. If the reading fails to be validated, or worse, the person in focus imputes something that's really absent in the transaction, this becomes what many of you regard as paranoia. This, I think becomes weird, based on the foregoing definition, because it's bizarre and unearthly.

    So how do you relate with people who are suspicious of everyone around them? Go figure. :hmm:
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