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First ASI, Second Mick, Third Rudy!

tama ba ung nabasa ko sa newspaper? clear na din daw si rudy hatfield maglaro ulit sa pba? just like penissi, he also need approval from the pba board to play again sa pba. *pexadik*


  • luks7210luks7210 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Oh well, philippine basketball at its best! :D
  • ganun???

    eh sino kaya ang forth???? sana SI menk na heheehhe ang PILIPINAS nga naman...puno nang makulay na Pulitika hehehe
  • Ang sabi sa 91.8 am sports radio si Hartfield, Pennisi at Menk ay nagkaproblema sa kanilang citizenship at hindi kung fil-foriegner sila o hindi. Kaya pinaayos sa kanila ito at since nauna si Rudy at Mick nagpaayos dahil sila nga ang unang na suspend clear na sila, si Menk eh medyo matagal pa sa labas ng lahat na to wawa naman. lolz! and no wala sila sinabi tungkol kay Asi... maybe kasi naglalaro na siya. lolz!
  • Nasty Nash wants Rob Parker to come back to the PBA.

    Di lang pang basketball, pang torohan pa. :cool:

    I mean, look at the guy! He looks like he's just good in shoot muna bago dribble as he is in dribble muna bago shoot!
  • As I see it, the asian games and abc is just around the corner. They wanted to win the gold badly and be part of the olympics kaya kukunin uli natin ang mga fil ams na to. After sila pakinabangan, as usual, illegal aliens uli sila hehehe... Pinoy mabuhay ka!
  • balita ko pupunta na lang ng US si hatfield,he will embark on a solo professional wrestling career...
  • outmapoutmap PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Malaca?ang clears Hatfield’s comeback

    By June Navarro
    Inquirer News Service

    MALACA?ANG has cleared the way for Rudy Hatfield to return to the Philippine Basketball Association, but he has a long way to go to reclaim his old place on the Coca-Coca Tigers’ roster.

    Commissioner Noli Eala yesterday said a presidential directive overturning the adverse ruling of the Department of Justice (DoJ) on the citizenship of Hatfield has effectively lifted the PBA’s ban on the Coca-Cola mainstay.

    “Technically speaking, Rudy has already been reinstated,” said Eala after receiving a copy of the memo from the Presidential Management Staff signed by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.

    Still, Eala said Hatfield is required to come up with the requirements set by the league on foreign-born players before he could strut his wares again for the Tigers.

    “If he submits the additional documents required by the PBA, then Rudy can suit up for the Tigers in no time,” said Eala.

    Hatfield was one of six foreign-bred players whom the DoJ ordered deported last year for allegedly falsifying their citizenship papers so they could play in the PBA, which later banned them from the league as well.

    Asi Taulava of Talk ‘N Text has since been reinstated through a court order that re-established his claim to Filipino citizenship, while Red Bull’s Mick Pennisi and Alex Crisano of Barangay Ginebra are still working on ways to reverse the DoJ decision.

    Jon Ordonio of Red Bull had already accepted his fate and returned to the United States, while teammate Davonn Harp went home to Columbus, Ohio, and has been out of touch since then.

    In the wake of the DoJ action on the six, the league came up with a resolution requiring the other foreign-born players to submit additional citizenship documents.

    Except for Eric Menk of Barangay Ginebra, the other foreign-born players have since complied with the new board ruling.

    Hatfield has to present an authenticated birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office or an equivalent document, birth certificates and marriage contract of his parents, among others.

    Hatfield, whose Filipino mother is a US immigrant, must also show his parent’s naturalization papers and the affidavits of at least three individuals attesting his Filipino roots.

    Coca-Cola coach Binky Favis said Hatfield has been religiously attending the Tigers’ practices.

    Meanwhile, Eala said gate attendance has increased 100 percent, four play dates into the season, compared to last year’s average. While an average of 4,000 fans per play date watched the games last season, about 9,500 paying fans attended each play date of the new season.
  • Nasty Nash wants Rob Parker to come back to the PBA.

    Di lang pang basketball, pang torohan pa. :cool:

    I mean, look at the guy! He looks like he's just good in shoot muna bago dribble as he is in dribble muna bago shoot!

    He-he, nice one. Anyway, does anybody have news on what has happened to the alleged fil-shams, like Rob Parket, Segova, Alvarado, etc?
  • Gide0nGide0n PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Fourth, Erik Menk! *okay*

    balita ko, gusto ni chairman Ely Capacio na pagkalooban na lang ng amnesty sina Menk, Hatfield at Pennisi tutal sa mga technical issues lang naman ang problema nila.
  • We'll hear more from Boobah again. Di ba pwedeng see more nalang? Di ba pwedeng bumuyangyang nalang?

    And what if Crisano get's his papers straightened out? The more Boobah will strike us again. This time khit wag ng bumuyangyang
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