are the PEXers POETS?

lets see if the pexers make poems, post ur best poems that u made here :D


  • EinaEina Member PExer
    Here goes, please be nice. :)

    Love and Betrayal

    Speak not to me of love,
    Nor of betrayal;
    Love is no stranger to me
    For I felt it for you once;
    And neither is treachery
    For you have made me know it well;
    And even my own heart plays traitor
    For I love you still.
  • astr0girlastr0girl Member PExer
    + Phobia

    In the dark of the night
    All alone and afraid
    Eyes wide open
    Trying to reach day.
    Yet all I can see
    Is a blackhole abyss
    No boundaries preside
    But a bottomless pit
    Shapes and figure
    In my head haunt
    Disfigured and vile
    They like to daunt
    I can not escape
    This nightmarish dream
    All sense is lost
    In a mindless stream
    Freedom of sorts
    Seems miles away
    The darkness closes in
    Here to stay
    With nothing to grip
    I hold onto hope
    Letting go of my fears I must try to cope
    There seems to be no point
    Nothing is real
    Breathing my last breath
    Your presence I feel Is turned into light
    You hold my hand
    And give me sight

    © astr0girl '99

  • IceAngelIceAngel poof. PExer
    I posted the poem that I think is one of my best current works here already, and its titled "Reminiscing". But here's something anyway.

    -Cigarette Tints-
    Amber eyes glowing
    amidst the darkness
    of midnight glare,
    he subdues my
    trembling limbs,
    and they slowly
    crumple from the
    agony of being the
    victim of his

    A slender, gloved finger
    reaches for the cigarette
    hanging from his lips,
    and before my eyes
    could follow its descent
    to the ash-covered ground,
    a velvety feel of a gloved
    hand brushes the rigid
    softness of my cheek,
    my sighs drowning
    the smoke from the
    dying cigarette in
    the background.
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    My lungs scream
    out the songs of denial,
    but my heart
    is chanting him...
  • ZenZen Member PExer
    Holy moly, ang tagal ko nang di gumagawa ng poems. I remember when I was a kid, nilalapitan ako ng teacher na nagha-handle nung school paper para gumawa ako ng poem for them. Sheesh, I really need to revive the poet in me (naks :p)

    Teka, maghahalungkat ako ng old poems ko..
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    next time i'd try to avoid writing poetry on the spot...nakakainis mag-edit.. :)
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    Poem at 2:12 AM

    this is the time of madness:

    when silent dreams are dreamed awake,
    only to shatter on the deserted floor,
    where a pile of garbage: books whose torn
    leaves mark forgotten lines, coffe cups, and pajamas, are stewn like unmarked graves.

    with eyes that remain oblivious to the dark,
    i turn my senses to the shadows passing, only
    to see the moon wane, ever watchful, ever alone.

    nights like this leave open old wounds: as i remember it was you whose body i once held in the dark.

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  • Mister DeanMister Dean PExer
    *sniff* That's some gorgeous stuff there, PEx poets! Keep on writing!
  • YoBaKsYoBaKs @$(&@)%(&@()%& PExer
    it's about ART...i post this one already but anyway i want to share it with u guys!

    In a time warp
    speakin to my ears
    transcends messages through time
    smashes through barriers
    We mortals could never completely understand. . .
    Art immitating Life, life immitating Art

    So pure, so orgasmic can't seem to tell stories
    of whoever sees through a looking glass
    i see nothing but light, of such ingenuity
    Art is not what it seems, and it never will
    For as long as you have the dream
    i can see you smash through Barriers

    Art immitating life, life immitating art...

    peacelove and godspeed!
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer

    A Poem Done in Haste
    (for Nina who refuse to see)

    they make no sense, these words
    to the untrained eyes, like a
    beautiful sunrise to one blind
    since birth.

    like this love i write about to

    overhead the rain echoes my song:
    cold drops sound like thunders as
    though wanting to be heard. the
    night sings to me.

    the night sings to me, wrapped in my
    own solitude.

    in the morning you will find me
    as cold as the day you left.

  • rorsrors smash mo mukha mo :) PExer
    tristan, you sure are one helluva poet! i like your poems. :)
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    thanks. :D
  • JDELEONJDELEON Saint in Process PExer
    alas dose y medya...

    alas dose y medya
    sigawan na naman
    sa may tabi
    umiiyak na naman
    si baby

    dumating ang parak
    kinuha kay lalaki
    ang bote ng alak
    sabi'y okay na ,malamang hindi

    ganyan talaga
    kapag alas dose y medya

    *There is no such thing as good writing, only good re-writing. This is my first pass, if you have any comments or corrections...

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  • JDELEONJDELEON Saint in Process PExer
    IceAngel, sensual, but disconcerting...Pls. don't take this the wrong way, but are gloves (particularly men's gloves) really velvety? I love how graphic your writing is... Cigarette Tints, I can almost see the short film shot in sepia....

    Sampaguita, like the contrast... singing vs. chanting...denial vs. desire...

    YoBaks... uuuyyy, sino si ART? =P Just kidding. Quick thought, if Life and Art are one,then there is no imitation.
    p.s. Peacelove & GodSpeed ( I like that. )

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • YoBaKsYoBaKs @$(&@)%(&@()%& PExer

    we have our own views...and i respect urs...

    peacelove and godspeed!
  • DELISYUSDELISYUS Only 15% Lesbian PExer
    - KNOCK NOT Mec 3-2-2000

    Knock not
    Lest I open the door
    To my heart
    And let unwanted visitors
    Such as pain
    And suffering

    Knock not,
    Oh, please don’t
    Allow me this haven
    I’ve created for myself
    Let me just
    Cocoon myself…heal myself…
    Love myself

    Needless to say
    I have been burnt
    Too many times…
    And am now too scared
    Too scarred…

    I have decided to close
    My door
    On the dance of love
    And intimacy
    For my own good…
    The world has been too cold,
    Love has been unkind,
    It’s time I protect myself.
    Only one more crack
    And I will surely be lost
    One more blow and I know
    It will be the end,
    Of the ME I trustingly
    To all those
    Who came before you…

    Knock not,
    Awaken not
    My need to belong in
    Someone’s arms again,
    Inspire not my desire to
    Sing love songs
    With a partner again…
    Oh,incite me not,
    Invite me not to play again
    Only to nurture bruises
    Yet again.

    Time may prove me wrong
    For closing my door
    And tucking away the key…
    Still, knock not, and
    Go your merry way
    Without me…

    “ I am currently at a stage where,

    when guys come knocking, instead of asking “who’s there?”... I end up saying, “hmm, ahhh…nobody’s home!”

    PExers...ala lang.....

    (insert sad smile here)

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  • YoBaKsYoBaKs @$(&@)%(&@()%& PExer
    The weakest of the weak!

    Sometimes i see nothing
    From this world full of everything
    Overtaken by powers
    And perceptions undiscovered
    Was it the greatest field?
    Or is it the greatest play?

    None of which i can find...
    The powers of sorrows
    The dedications of a hero
    The visions of an Idol

    None of which i can find...
    The strengths of the poor
    The freedom for myself
    And the virtues that i desreved

    Now it's time to go...
    I followed my directions
    I chased my fear
    I chased my courage
    But now I’m coming back...

    peacelove and godspeed!

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  • TNT2bluzTNT2bluz Banned by Admin PExer

    This one came up in a conversation with a dear friend.

    I asked, do you know what it is like to miss you too much?

    It is when poetry justifies the madness, as my mind gasps to find the words to keep its sanity.

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  • maxwellmaxwell Member PExer
    What is it about your smile ?
    that makes being with you worthwhile
    this you asked that evening
    while I told you what I was feeling

    it's the curve of your lips
    the dimples on your cheeks
    even those metal braces
    glued to your teeth

    if you only knew
    how happy I am when I'm with you
    maybe you'd see
    why you are special to me

    it's the curve of your lips
    the dimples on your cheeks
    even those metal braces
    glued to your teeth

    at the end of the day while i lay to sleep
    your smile lingers in my head
    like a treasure that i keep
    maybe someday sometime
    i don't have to miss that wonderful smile

    but while i wait for that day
    i wish i might and i wish i may
    keep seeing that smile everyday
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the best I can do for now... Haiku.


    Reading thoughts at PEx
    Opening our hearts and minds
    Who's the next loveteam?


    Writing is not hard
    If you put your mind to it
    Everybody's crazy

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