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be careful when dealing with -spring-

please be careful when dealing with this seller. I placed my order and she met up with my sister for the deposit when i placed my order for two bags that amounted to 1700. I sent her a deposit of 850. After a week of waiting, i texted her and didnt receive any further replies.

I then texted her friend who is in business with her and she said that there was a slight delay in the bag because it wasnt dry yet and said that they would give me 10% discount off my purchase bec of the delay. I waited a few days and texted them again. Still no reply from honey (-spring-) but her friend ann replied and said the process was damaged and they had to repeat it over again and because i had to wait i was to be given a free pouch. Still no reply from honey. I texted them both that if i dont get my bags then i would just demand for a refund or else i will post on PEX how our transaction went bad. Ann texted that they will return the money but still nothing until today.

I texted ann again and she said that she is not longer involved in the transaction and i should just get in touch with honey who apparently is no longer texting back.

I gave her almots a month to come up with the bags and still nothing. I am sad that i lost 850 bec i trusted this seller and i am just writing this to WARN other buyers.


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