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PBA Opening...

nobody is talking about it? why? nobody watched it?

damn. i think it was awesome! i thought it was stupid but i LIKED it. galing!

good job PBA! here's to the 31st season!
mabuhay ang san miguel!:D


  • ateneo10ateneo10 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    that's coz it went on from 4 to 5 and they gave us an hour long bit of commercials and absolute crap.

    alam mo naman pexers... yung mga madaldal, mga basketball now, could care less for fancy shmansies.
  • 4:30 start nun opening....but i dont care....i dont like watching opening ceromonies...mas gusto ko, laban agad....

    opening ceremonies are just a waste of time and money....
  • fairchild_phfairchild_ph PEx Rookie ⭐
    I agree trophygirl. The opening ceremonies were damn good. Looks like the PBA is really trying hard to lure back fans to the gates. NVM that it was long, the effort on the part of the PBA and the players were there. Thats good! :D
  • can someone post the muses for each pba team yesterday?
  • trophygirl wrote:
    damn. i think it was awesome! i thought it was stupid but i LIKED it. galing!

    I did not see it. Why was it stupid yet awesome?
  • dRknGeLdRknGeL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wala bang mga pic yun mga muse pa post naman.. hehe
  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Just stick to basketball, that's why a lot of the hardcore fans and purists shy away from the PBA. Problem is, they are greatly outnumbered by fans who don't care less like the groupies and fanboys.

    The players should stick to what they are good at and what they are paid to do, play basketball. They are not stage performers, leave that to the dancers, singers and actors.
  • ^PBA players should stick to what they at least capable of -- play (lackluster) basketball. Wala na kasi maisip gimik. At least medyo sinipagan ang mga players kahit once man lang (sa opening day pa). Come tournament time -- balik na naman sa pagiging tamad at batugan tong mga overpaid at overhyped na PBA players na 'to. :D:lol:

    Hoy mga PBA players -- igalaw-galaw niyo man lang yang mga ***** niyo. Bwehehe!
  • Correction: SMBA (San Mig Basketball Association) players pala, hinde PBA. :D

    Ang kilala ko kasing PBA players panahon pa nila Jolas, Alvin, Samboy, Paul Alvarez, Johnny A, Allan Caidic, Hector Calma, si Tatang (oo naabutan ko pa). *peace*
  • now na marami na (sana) ang manood dahil sa limang piso ang tix sa upper a at general admission...
  • theo78 wrote:
    now na marami na (sana) ang manood dahil sa limang piso ang tix sa upper a at general admission...

    correct me if i'm wrong, october lang to right?
    btw, including upper a pala, kala ko gen ad lang
  • Congrats to the PBA. Hindi ko napanood but the feedback I've gotten is that it was one of the better opening ceremonies in a long time.

  • no...it's up to the end of eliminations...until xmas day (may game ang ginebra at alaska sa cuneta sa dec. 25)
  • dRknGeL wrote:
    wala bang mga pic yun mga muse pa post naman.. hehe

    :bashful: Kelly Misa :bashful: :inluv: :lovesigh: :loveya:
  • 19791979 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    IMHO, the PBA has lost the basketball spirit-- there's too few teams, players who have atrocious salaries, that's why the UAAP, NCAA and even the PBL are better leagues for basketball diehards to watch in terms of intensity of play.

    Opening ceremonies? I agree that it's all a waste of money and time! Let's see some BASKETBALL!!!
  • yeah...kahapon nga, parang kulang ng ingay...parang araneta was so quiet...nag-open kasi ang pba, nasa uaap finals fever eh...but i'm still hopeful na makakabangon pa ang liga...
  • the opening was extravagant, and definitely better than the opening ceremonies of the previous season... but i was disappointed when Commissioner Eala gave the stage to Pacquiao, Bautista and _____ (i forgot). i'd rather see him congratulate the Philippine team than those boxers. hindi naman sa ayoko kay Pacquiao, pero the fact is, BASKETBALL yun e.
  • theo78> thanks for clarifying that

    imho, the pba is still the country's top basketball league, although there is no denying that it has lost some of its old luster and viewership. in the same period, amateur basketball, specifically the uaap, ncaa, and pbl, has developed into the mainstream, attracting more viewers besides basketball purists and pba scouts.

    i'm not saying that the college ball and the pbl is "stealing" viewers from the pba, although in some cases, this would be true. it's just that the viewing public have much more choices nowadays in terms of events to watch and this has inadvertently taken a toll on pba's gate receipts.

    it's not all bad though, due to the exposure given to amateur and college hoops by abs-cbn sports, the drafts could be more exciting that before since the draftees are now celebrities in their own right PRIOR to being drafted unlike before.

    @ topic: the opening was unique which is both good and bad. good if you're a viewer who would like to see a fresh face for the pba and bad if your a basketball purist who really doesn't care for such fanfare and frivolities
  • aika 131> i agree, btw, c villoria yung nakalimutan mo.
    maybe they don't want to bring up the topic of the national team since it's currently the cause of much controversy. starting everything on a positive note, so they say..
  • list ng mga muse please...
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