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CT Scan to find cause of hypertension?

A relative of mine has been under her doctor for several years to control her hypertension, but to no avail; recently her systolic and diastolic could get as high as 220/130.

The doctor said that it could be blood vessels going to the kidneys being blocked; so he ordered a duplex renal scan. The scan turned out negative. Her kidneys are all right so also the blood vessels.

Now the doctor is proposing a CT Scan on her upper abdomen, focusing on her adrenals, with the hint that the cause of exaggerated hypertension might be found there.(?)

The duplex renal scan (ultrasound?) cost her some over 6,000 pesos.

How much is such a CT Scan procedure going to cost her altogether plus the doctor's fee, the one supervising the CT Scan that is?

And is that procedure the most practical, in terms of finding something that could be causing her heightened hypertension? Or some less advanced tech diagnostic procedures could do as well and even better, at least in regard to economical considerations?

Thanks for any information.



  • froshie1froshie1 Member ✭✭
    yes that's normal.... all the procedures and fees, they are all normal.

    though some cardiologist won't make their patients go under CT scan of adrenal glands coz maliit lang naman daw iyong chance ng pagkakaron ng abnormal adrenals...

    maraming mga tao nagkakaron lang ng (forgot the term) essential (ata) hypertension, ito iyong tawag sa walang cause.. as in wala.. inaadvice usually sa mga patients na meron nito na magrelax have a healthy lifestyle and to take their meds religously.
  • There are many kinds and causes of hypertension. In your relative's case, the BP values are just TOO high. 2 conditions quickly come to mind that can cause such markedly sustained high pressures. Renal artery stenosis (for which the renal duplex scan was done) and Pheochromocytoma (a tumor of the adrenals), which is most likely the doctor's primary consideration in this case. These 2 conditions should not be taken likely. The very high BP values that are unresponsive to regular treatment is very compatible with the latter. A test to determine catecholamine levels and by-products in urine and blood (the hormones secreted by the adrenals) can be done. A positive result is highly indicative of Pheochromocytoma. This test can be done initially over the CT scan/MRI. Discuss this with the doctor. However, a negative result does not rule it out and the doctor will most likely still request the CT scan/MRI, just to be convinced that no tumor exists in the adrenals. Also, Pheochromocytoma is ALWAYS treated by surgery ( to take the tumor out) so your relative will still need the CT scan in that eventuality.

    Essential hypertension or primary/idiopathic hypertension is a diagnosis made when all other causes have been ruled out. Hence the need for many tests initially. Which to some my seem irrelevant. There are no quick steps and shortcuts to diagnose Hypertension.
  • susmariosepsusmariosep Member ✭✭
    Can't appreciate your goodness too much.

  • Reymond UyReymond Uy Member PExer
    hello! try nyo po e2ng my doctor finder,I suggest lang po. u're welcome

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