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"QPIDS ULTIMATE LOVETEAM" what can you say about d result???

dis thread is open for all certified qpids addict... iv been watching this show snce ngstart to, and i wanna know d reactions of all qpids viewers sa result ng almost 5months n pg air sa qpids....

i hav noting against pawel, i just wna know d reactions of other people...


  • [highlight]Go Jilwyn!!![/highlight] :cheerleader:
  • ang pawel loveteam na pla ang mananalo?!?...:confused:

    well....no comment...:)
  • spoiler:

    pawel ultimate loveteam
    jarla texter's choice
  • [highlight]Go Jilwyn!!![/highlight] :cheerleader:

    sori to disappoint u hershey... it just wasn't meant to be jilwyn...
  • pawel won? :eek:
  • pawel won? :eek:

    yup some of my friends went backstage wid paw and wasn't able to watch d finals bcoz thurs yung shooting and meron classes the next day, so one of their friend's mom just texted them d results and passed it on to me, sori if d result disappointed u or anything...
  • wer still hir for MHYZEL...

  • dis thread is starting to get hot na.. CQA'
    s post ur comments and reactions hir.....

    United JARLAN's

    post kyo hir, defend ur fave luvteams...
  • JARLA!!!
    love dem but i wont say anything mean cuz PawEl is ok in my book...
    Jarla was texters choice?
  • hello po, PAWELnatic po here...

    all the lovepairs are great so had it been another pair who won, i would take my hat off for that pair... it's a tough job for the judges to pick the ultimate pair coz they're all really really good... hope to see all the pairs in one teenshow or movie *okay*
  • go jilwyn!:wave:

    congratz po sa pawel!:D
  • GO PAWEL!!!!!!!

    yes, i agree kuya dj! *okay* all the loveteams did their best and im shure they will all go far and yes, they all did really gud so im shure that the love council had a hard time picking.

    im super happy with the results, tho sad that sum arent happy for them... pero okey lang un... cant please everybody.. :) THANKS GUYS FOR BEIN SO NICE ON THIS THREAD! CONGRATS TO ALL THE LOVETEAMS!!!! CONGRATS PAWEL!!!!!
  • go MHYZEL....

    watch out for them at:

    PERFECT MOMENTS- 11 am september 25, 2005

    FANATIC- every week n cla don, they will be hosting d show na..

    QPIDS- d finals n po later..

    GULONG NG PALAD- first week of october npo...

    NEW SEATCOM- replacement yta sa bora.. weekly format dn, nkapag tape n cla dto accrdng to mhycop. timeslot nlng ang wala.. ksama nla cna alma moreno and rudy fernandez... read nyo nlng s thread nmn if u hav tym..

    MODEL and SPONSOR n dn po cla ng MOLECULES/ PARTICLES..( dko maalala kng alin s dlawang yan eh.. ) hehehe censya npo.. pro sure ako n isa s dlawang brand n yn ang sponsor nla coz ngpictorial cla dyan accrdng to mhyco..
  • guys, thnk u for dropping by on this thread..

    hope to see u later after d airing of qpids.....

    again defend ur fave luvteam on this thread....

    it seems lyk mhyzel has a lot of projects na, accrding to the post of one of their angel....

    pawel will be on a movie

    and i saw s thread ng jarla, na carla and janus went on a vacation at bangkok

    wat about jill and alwyn, what are their where abouts??? jilwynian's wait nmn update nyo s thread nto..

    update nyo tng thread nto regarding d other luvteams.. we'll all be glad to know it.....
  • sa totoo....

    hindi ko na expect si pawel.

    i was thinking jilwyn, jarla, and mhyzel.


    pero congrats to PAWEL.
  • congrats2pawel.jpg


    :wave: jarla! :)
  • Go Pawel!!!!
    Go Jarla!!!
  • anyways,,congrats sa pawel...
  • :wave: Pawelnatic ako!

    I am of course very happy Pawel won! They were my favorite loveteam! If anyone of the other loveteams won I would have been happy for them. I like the other loveteams. They all have something special about them!

    Congrats to Pawel!!! Also congrats kay Jarla, Mhyzel, & Jillwyn for making it to the Final Four & doing a great job in the competition!:)
  • pawel.jpg

    Congrats PAWEL
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