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Which local mags do you read?

Which local mags do you like and read and why?


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Buy And Sell (Is that considered a mag?). Because the personals are funny--we laugh at some of them while waiting for clinic to start--and who knows, there might be a good bargain out there. :) Nice to know too what the going rates of different goods are.
  • COSMO PHILS- they have really interesting articles and i find really nice stuff that i want to buy

  • bunny: yah, i think it's worth the money i pay for a copy of COSMO Phils coz i get to read it from cover to cover.

    i tried buying Preview before kaso after 2 issues i realized na less than 3 articles lang ang talagang mababasa mo - the rest of the pages, puro pictures lang!
  • Cosmo & Good Housekeeping... both have many good articles and useful tips.
  • Orano- You're right about Preview. I bought a copy a couple of months ago (i think) because they claimed it to be their THICKEST issue..so i thought madami akong mababasa...well to my dismay...it's ALL PICTURES!!! Parang Catalog na ginawang magazine...
  • cosmo phils...i like the articles they have. lalo na yung about fashion (hafta agree with you peps)..its really fun to read and may kwenta sha..

    preview den, pero its full of pictures like what you guys said...kakainis basahin (kung may mababasa ka)

    candy...mag ko yan e..diba peps?! LOL...they also have great articles and funny ones...well, same company ren naman nag gagawa ng candy and cosmo e...a mag for teenagers sha..
  • Cosmo and Good Housekeeping.

    Nakakainis naman si Megan, na-unahan ako!

    I used to read Baby Magazine din but I switched to Parents (international mag).
  • i like Preview coz na-feature na kami ng friends ko dun dati (pero it's a small article lang)

    i used to subscribe to MoneySaver...it sounds like some business mag but it's not. it's like an information mag which happens to give you discounts in different establishments
  • Chika Chika and Valentino.

    Seriously, I read Preview sometimes. Mahal nga lang kaya I seldom buy that mag.
  • Cosmo Phils. - they have interesting articles I can relate to and stuff I can buy from stores within my reach. They also give me an idea how much a certain item costs, other mags don't have that kind of info.
  • COSMO phils... yep!! sure rocks...
    CANDY is cute din... pang Teenagers tlga!!
  • i got this mag from tower records... pulse magazine. it's a music/pop culture magazine. parang volume magazine (bat di na nasundan yung first issue ng volume?).
  • Hmmm...it seems that halos puro Cosmo and Candy lang ang binabasa na local magazines. But I'm not surprised. I hate to say this but most of the local magazines coming out are more like ***** than anything (sorry for the choice of words but it hits the nail right on the head for what I'm trying to say). What I mean by this is that they're more of self-indulgent publications like "I can do graphic design so I'll start a magazine to falunt what I can do" or "I like computers a lot and I have my opinions about tech stuff so I'll start a magazine". So it turns out that there are the well produced ones (great graphics, great paper etc) which no one will patronize in the long run and there are the half-assed productions that will either die out slowly or disappear just like that

    Only the mags put out by Summit and Mega seem to have more thought; someone's actually thinking about the feasibility and sustainability of what they release.

    I'm sure little by little we'll have magazines that are truly worth reading and continuing but I expect we'll see a lot more failed local magazines in the meantime.

    wolverine: do you mean 'pulp' or is there really a 'pulse'?
  • Cosmo and MEGA
  • anyone hear ever heard of Lifeline ?
  • FHM
    Not quite as risque as the UK version; but you take what you can get. It is still the best local magazine for men around.

    Used to read RUSH, too bad that folded.

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • Candy I agree with you black! It's really for teenagers :D

  • COSMO Phils., PREVIEW and meg...
  • dakidaki PExer
    Aliwan, Horoscope, Love Life, Wakasan oppsss... KOMIKS pala yun lol.giflol.giflol.gif

    well i like reading COSMO MAG they have good articles in their MAG :)
  • i like Cosmo Phils too. balanced iyong dami ng articles sa pictures. Preview used to be that way pero ngayon commercialized na sobraaaa kaya sayang pera.

    FHM is better kahit na the target market is supposed to be "for males". the articles are better...sana they make better articles too for the fashion mags. di lang naman guys ang concerned about investing money, saving for the future, buying insurance, the stock market,and all that...
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