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From Mocker to Preacher

"In those days infidelity was more coarse than now. And this skeptical society took the name of the “Hell Fire Club.” Among their amusements was that of holding imitations of religious services, and exhibiting mimicries of popular ministers. Young Thorpe went to hear Mr. Whitfield, that he might mimic him before his profane associates. He heard him so carefully that he caught his tones and his manner, and somewhat of his doctrines. When the club met to see his caricature of the great preacher, Thorpe opened a big Bible that he might take a text to preach from it extempore after the manner of Mr. Whitfield. His eye fell on the passage, “Except you repent, you shall all likewise perish.” As he spoke upon that text he was carried beyond himself, lost all thought of mockery, spoke as one in earnest, and was the means of his own conversion!"

"He was likely to say, in after years, “If ever I was helped of God to preach, it was that very day when I began in sport but ended in earnest.” He was carried by the force of Truth beyond his own intention, like one who would sport in a river, and is swept away by its current."

Mr. Thorpe became a noted preacher of the Gospel.

“Except you repent, you shall all likewise perish.”(Luke 13:3)


  • decoy47decoy47 Arm the Mob PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Could it be that Olorin is "on the road to Damascus"? ;) Just kidding.

    Oh easter, I still await your reply in The Investigation thread. :D
  • OlorinOlorin Maiar PExer
    ;) Just as well.... a lot of them are earning mucho dinero... might as well take some piece of the action. :D

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