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Shd we stick with our doctor or should we seek 2nd opinion already?

My dad has been undergoing therapy for almost 3 months now, it used to be daily but now it has been reduced to three times a week. His attending physician is a sports medicine specialist. His slipped disc recurred, he cant stand on his own, he has to be carried. He also cannot sit on his own as he bends backwards if his chair doesnt have back support. His having his traction at home. We're wondering what's taking him so long to stand and sit on his own, but the doctor said he eventually will. When he first has slipped disc, it was cured in a matter of a month or two, there wasnt any problem with his sitting down and standing up. We're thinking if we should bring him to an orthopedic surgeon already. He didnt have any stroke, his 2d echo results proved that his heart in in perfect shape, his ct scan is clear. Pls help me. Thanks!


  • cake1988cake1988 Member PExer
    try mo ang isang chiropractor...i have a friend na may slip disc..tapos we refer him kay DR. Jameson Uy ayon..in 3 session nakalakad na ng tuwid...di nga kami makapaniwala..pero try mo na lang sis...kasi itong doctor kung di nya kaya or kung wala sya magagawa..di din nya pipiliyin. if ever u will go there make an appointment kasi pila talaga don.sa jolibee center sya..pero mahal sya ha...2000 yata sya per session.

    Naiwan ko sa offcie ang number nya...if u want text me tomorrow regarding the doctor's number. this is my number 09162158055

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