Max # of eggs per day?

what is the max # of eggs per day? what are the risk of taking too much eggs?


  • DunedainDunedain NINJAneer gone Indie! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I take in 1-2 eggs every 3 days or so. Everyday is not a good thing since eggs also carry cholesterol.
  • PhooeyPhooey Member PExer
    Titigas tuhod mo. :D
  • heart4usheart4us Member PExer
    any doctors there who can give a definite answer? i like to eat eggs kasi...thanks..... also...what can i do to remove/lessen cholesterol? what harm does cholesterol have on the body?
  • tomtomtomtom t(",)t PExer
    you can have as many as you want as long as you don't eat the yolk part, that's where all the cholesterol is coming from.
  • PhooeyPhooey Member PExer
    Ok. A serious answer.

    There has been much debate over the role of eggs in increasing a persons serum cholesterol levels. I've skimmed over the available online journals on the matter (skimmed cause im not getting paid to evaluate them). Popular notion is that a daily intake of eggs is bad, however recent data tends to show otherwise, and that increased dietary intake of cholesterol is naturally offset by a body's reduced production. Similarly, if you have already high cholesterol blood levels, the effect of changing to a "healthier" diet on your cholesterol levels are minimal.

    Some studies suggest factors other than dietary consumption play a more significant role in the body's cholesterol levels.
    It is important to recognize these other risk factors as they are probably more significant than your love for eggs. These include age, sex, body-mass index, family history of hypercholesterolemia, stroke or heart disease and if you have it, pre-existing lipid panel results.

    Some authors even go as far as to suggest that intake of 1+ eggs a day has no noticeable effect on blood cholesterol levels. However, if you want to stick to the more traditional authors they suggest intake of no more than 2 eggs (with yolk) per week.
  • GilmoreGalGilmoreGal Member PExer
    i heard that you can eat 1 egg/day as long as your cholesterol level is normal and you don't have any diseases
  • heart4usheart4us Member PExer
    what about those who are trying to bulk up who eat 2-3 eggs per day?
  • DI10DI10 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ang alam ko yung cholesterol na meron yung 2 eggs including yolk e 100% na ng RDA mo
  • tatsumarutatsumaru Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I'm not a doctor, but most studies suggest that you can safely eat 3 eggs a day. I can't explain my friend who used to eat at least 10 eggs a day while he was weight lifting, though.
  • simone_md99simone_md99 trapped in cyberspace PExer
    there are different studies on what is the safe number of eggs that can be eaten in a day. for me, everything should be in moderation. Most athletes esp. boxers load up on eggs because of its high protein thus, giving them muscle bulk. I personally dont advise eating too much eggs not only because of its cholesterol content, but because a high protein diet is more difficult to digest. Although, some argues that a high protein diet can make you lose weight. However, there are studies now that are showing that this diet can wreak havoc to your kidneys and CVS. FYI, Dr. Atkins, the proponent of the infamous Atkins diet died of cardiovascular problems.

    I guess the bottomline is, just eat a healthy balance meal and exercise.
  • iceflavahiceflavah silver voite PExer
    ang lam ko pwde twice a day....depende rin sa eggs.. kasi usually ung mga studies sa states pa gngwa db?
    e lam namn natin eggs sa knila... tulad ng ibang bagay e mas malaki compared sa eggs dto. bat nga ba? hehe.. anyway.. ang lam ko ok lang kainin yung egg yolk dahil balanced naman un laman ng egg. ang lam ko kasi it's because of the lecithin which i believe helps in digesting cholesterol and keeping it low. kahit ano naman when taken or eaten in excess is bad db? keep it in moderation nalang.:)
    konting control. i love eggs din pala.:)
  • KukuruKukuru Member PExer
    Are we talking about "chicken" eggs here?
  • iceflavahiceflavah silver voite PExer
    chicken eggs ung sinsasabi ko. ewan ko lang ung sya. hehe.. quail eggs gsto ko dn. :D
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    2 eggs a week lang ako...
  • markpaulmarkpaul Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    good cholesterol or LDL are found in egg...
  • chicken eggs ba?

    kala ko egg breaker lang...hehe

    actually d ko maintindihan ung ibang english...wahahahha
  • iceflavahiceflavah silver voite PExer
    markpaul wrote:
    good cholesterol or LDL are found in egg...

    HDL is the good cholesterol... wla lang.. sharing...

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